Fanfic Wednesday: “our hearts will make a fire”

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our hearts will make a fire” by bayloriffic

Pairings: Emma Swan/Regina Mills AKA SwanQueen
Word Count: 14,660
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Sexy times. NSFW.

Author’s Summary

Of course Emma would end up trapped in Rumpelstiltskin’s enchanted log cabin with the Evil Queen. Because that’s just how her life is these days.

My Thoughts

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I fucking love this fic. I love these two women. I love this ship. I love the way they fight, the way they balance each other, and mostly I love the smoldering hot tension between them. If you thought you didn’t need a bed-sharing, oh-no-it’s-cold-we-had-better-sleep-together, SwanQueen fic, you thought wrong.

Ship it good, my friends. Miss Swan may have left the show but that’s why we have fanfiction.