Once Upon a Time Recap: “The Black Fairy”


So far this season, Emma has realized that she will fight the Final Battle against the mother of Dark Magic, Belle and Rumple are struggling to save their son Gideon from a life of evil, and Henry is learning that being the Author might have repercussions he never knew existed. What could go wrong next?

Spoilers ahead, dearies.


Let’s be honest, a traditional recap goes out the window when you get an episode where a huge secret is revealed.

Over the last five seasons, and even in the midst of the sixth, we may think we’ve learned everything there is to know about Rumplestiltskin, aka Mr. Gold. We’ve found out about how he became the Dark One, his complex and ultimately tragic relationship with his son Baelfire, and how he just can’t seem to tell the 1000% truth (even to Belle, the woman he claims to love most in the world). Well, guess what? There’s more.

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While in the dream realm searching for the location of Gideon’s heart, Rumple and Emma realize the truth of the Black Fairy’s back story and the long-lasting effects on her son. When she was a mortal named Fiona, the Black Fairy gave birth to a child who was meant to grow up to be the Savior.

In the past, Fiona becomes obsessed with protecting her child and feels as though the power of his fairy godmother Tiger Lily isn’t enough. With stolen magic, Fiona turns herself into a fairy and attempts to create a spell that will take the baby far away from the Enchanted Forest. She is stopped from casting the curse by the other fairies, who explain that the Savior is destined to fight the final battle against the person who bears the crescent mark—a scar that Fiona gave herself when she became a fairy. Instead of giving up her magic to save her son, Fiona uses the golden shears to sever the baby’s life from his fate, an act that propels her into the dark dimension where she is trapped.

Wait, what?

That’s right. Rumple was originally born a Savior. But his mother’s selfishness tore his magic from him, creating a cowardice that could not be dispelled until he became the Dark One.

If that’s not a twist, I don’t know what is.

Until the musical episode, dearies.

-The Collected Mutineer