Fanfic Wednesday: “of dusk and dawn and a love beyond”

"Yuri!!! On Ice" Official Art


“of dusk and dawn and a love beyond” by exile_wrath

Pairings: Victor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki
Word Count: 5583
Rating: G
Warnings: None

Author’s Summary

The King of Day, Victor, drops flowers to the Ruler of Night, Yuuri, to express his love for him; yet, they are always returned, as Yuuri thinks that they’re dropped by mistake.

Victor cries and plucks wishes off the petals every time, remembering the time when once, they had been together.

My Thoughts

This fic is one of my favorites for this ship. It reads like a fairytale, and the more I try to picture Yuuri as the Ruler of the Night, the more I fall in love with this story. It’s epic, it’s beautiful, and if you love Victuuri, you will enjoy this.

10/10 would read again. And again. And again.