Once Upon a Time Recap: “Where Bluebirds Fly”

ABC/Jack Rowand

So far this season, Emma has realized that she will fight the Final Battle against the mother of Dark Magic, Belle and Rumple are struggling to save their son Gideon from a life of evil, and Henry is learning that being the Author might have repercussions he never knew existed. What could go wrong next?

Spoilers ahead, dearies.


ABC/Jack Rowand

In Zelena’s past as the Wicked Witch of the West, she is approached by an old friend in need of help. He was cursed by the Wicked Witch of the North and is slowly turning to tin. Without a magical object called the Crimson Heart, he will won’t be able to be human again. At first, Zelena agrees to help him in order to prove that she is the most powerful witch to ever live. But once they discover the Crimson Heart, which was being guarded by the soon-to-be-cowardly Lion, Zelena reneges on her promise. The Crimson Heart begins to drain Zelena’s magic as soon as she touches it, and she is unwilling to give up what she believes is the only thing that makes her worth anything. She decides to keep the heart locked in a case, and leaves her friend to become the Tin Man.


In the present, Zelena finds the Black Fairy in her house, holding baby Robin. The Black Fairy asks Zelena if she will join her and Gideon in their mission, but Zelena refuses. She decides to go after the Black Fairy herself, despite Regina’s advice to wait until the Scooby Gang has a better plan. Regina and Zelena end up trapped in the mines with the Black Fairy, who uses Zelena’s magic to turn the fairy crystals Dark. With Dark Magic-infused crystals, the Black Fairy will be unstoppable against Emma’s Light Magic. Enraged, Regina tells her sister to go home to Oz. Zelena is on the brink of leaving Storybrooke when she finally chooses a side—she uses a crystal to create a portal that brings her the Crimson Heart. Since her magic is tied to the newly Dark Crystals, she realizes that if the Crimson Heart drains her magic, it will restore the crystals to their original state. Her sacrifice also enables Regina and Emma to wake the Blue Fairy out of her coma, bringing the Good Guys one step closer to a possible victory over the forces of Darkness.

Wait, what?

We only have 4 episodes left! And among them are a musical episode and a two-parter finale that will probably tear our hearts out. So there’s that to look forward to…

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-The Collected Mutineer