‘Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi’ First Teaser Trailer Is Here!

By the Collectress

So, the guy that works across the hall from me is at Star Wars Celebration this weekend, and he made sure to make it very clear that The Last Jedi panel was going to be on Friday morning and that very likely the first look at Episode VIII would drop soon after. Then he texted me pictures being in the same room as Harrison Ford, AKA Coolest Guy In The Galaxy, and my mild jealousy turned to full-on Hulk Green envy.

But I digress. Here’s what you really came for. I watched it just minutes after it went live, and I think my current view count is somewhere near a dozen.

While there’s a million and ten easter eggs that probably pop up in this teaser, the most important is likely the universe’s new planet: Crait. Memorize it: Crait. (Not Krayt, like the dragon skeleton we see C3P0 walk by in A New Hope, Crait.) This is likely where the new Alliance base is located, and probably where Luke and Leia will be reunited at long last.

Oh, my heart isn’t ready for those feels, but it is ready for December 15. Fancy a rewatch, anyone?

May the Force be with you,

P.S. If you really need a dosing of General Leia Organa feels, here is the tribute that played yesterday at SWCO in honor of our beloved Carrie Fisher. 


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