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***a spoiler-free review***

Dave Chappelle Comedy Review: OMG Dave Chappelle is baaaaaaack and still hella-funny!

Dave Chapelle returns from a decade long hiatus from comedy with a two-part Netflix collection and yeah, he’s still hilarious. As a fan since the days of The Chappelle Show, let me say, these stand-up routines have been a long time coming. Chappelle has been through a lot since Half Baked (1998) and his variety show, which ended in 2006. Fans of the comedian know that Chappelle walked away from Hollywood superstardom in order to “find himself”, only recently returning to the spotlight to record these two, hour-long Netflix original stand-up routines, one filmed in Los Angeles, the second at Austin City Limits in Texas in 2016.

In both hour long specials, Chappelle doesn’t shy away from social themes of race, politics, feminism, sexuality, police brutality, and doesn’t stop there. He skillfully roasts a few infamous black men who have been in the news lately–Ray Rice, OJ Simpson, and Bill Cosby are not immune to the honest scrutiny of Chappelle and they deserve every snarky comment dished out, IMHO. It’s interesting to watch audience reaction to Chappelle, especially when he starts talking about race and class in his Texas stand-up special. As always, Dave isn’t afraid to push the envelope and he does so with the precision and expertise of a professional who has taken his time to develop a routine that will stand the test of time.

Should I binge it?

I watched the specials about 2 weeks apart, and took another week to process the shows before writing this piece. Watch one, contemplate it, then watch the other a few days later, no need to rush through.

Will this offend me (or others in the room)? 

Maybe, maybe not. Comedy is subjective and depends on your comfort level with an honest take on those social issues I mentioned above. If you or your fellow couch dwellers are not ready to hear where America has done fucked up in 2017, you might want to skip this woke narrative.

Can I watch this with my kids?

Nooooooooooooope. Me and the hubs watched these alone, late at night, with adult beverages and laughed our asses off.

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