Once Upon a Time Recaps: Ill-Boding Patterns, Page 23, A Wondrous Place, & Mother’s Little Helper

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So far this season, Emma’s fated nemesis has been named as Belle and Rumple’s grown son Gideon, Snow and David are still under the alternating sleeping curse, and Regina is dealing with her warring emotions and broken heart. What could go wrong next?

Spoilers ahead, dearies.

If you’re anything like me, you may have fallen a teeny bit behind on your TV watching schedule lately. Life’s an evil queen sometimes, isn’t it? Don’t you wish someone would just tell you the important things you’ve missed on one of your fave shows? Luckily, that’s exactly what this post is.

Ill-Boding Patterns

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Though this episode gave us lots of great backstory regarding the sword Hrunting, the big moment came when Emma discovered the ring Hook had bought for her. Not realizing that Hook was worried about his past with her grandfather (he killed him back in the day, remember?), Emma jumps the gun and says yes before he can properly ask her to marry him. He does, of course, propose in the end, and all the shippers squeed with delight.

Page 23

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The Evil Queen, having previously escaped her snake form, faces off with Regina once and for all. Regina has the upper hand, but can’t bring herself to kill her other half. Instead, she decides to do the right thing and combines the good and bad, light and dark, within each of their hearts. With goodness in her again, the Evil Queen has the chance to make things right. She goes to the wish realm to track down the copy of Robin Hood, and finally get her own happy ending.

A Wondrous Place

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This episode is full of gadgets and gizmos aplenty, but let’s make a long story short: Jasmine and Aladdin finally solve the mystery of Agrabah, Jafar shows up in all of Oded Fehr’s glory (but eventually gets what’s coming to him), and Emma is forced to agree to help Gideon kill the Black Fairy in order to let Hook come back through the portal to Storybrooke. (Oh yeah, they got separated and she thought he’d abandoned her—it was a thing.)

Mother’s Little Helper

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Time for a plot twist! Turns out that Gideon never wanted to kill the Black Fairy at all. He’s actually under her control because she has his heart. She’s been calling the shots, causing him to wreak havoc and nearly kill Emma in order to open a portal that will let her through from her realm into Storybrooke. Meanwhile, Hook ends up back in Neverland, stranded and on the run from the remnants of the Lost Boys.

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