Fanfic Wednesday: “A Friend For the End of the World”

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A Friend For the End of the World” by  (AO3)

Pairings: Clarke Griffin/Bellamy Blake
Word Count: 5,941

Author’s Summary

“If today is the end of the world,” Clarke says, carefully, “I want you to know tonight, with you, was the best night I’ve had on earth.”

Clarke, Bellamy, and the night before the second apocalypse.

My Thoughts

When it’s probably your last night on earth, how do you spend it? Well if your name is Bellamy Blake or Clarke Griffin and you’ve been suffering from UST for like four seasons, chances are you will finally give in to your urges. LaughingSenselessly captures that feeling perfectly in this fic, and let’s just say that UST gets resolved pretty quickly. If this happened for real in the show, I think I could die happy. In the meantime, I’ll just be here, rereading this fic over and over.

Happy reading!

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