We’re Hela Excited For Thor: Ragnarok

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By The Collectress

If you’ve been living at the bottom of Yggdrasil, here’s the Thor: Ragnarok trailer that premiered 15 hours ago and I’ve only watched…three times. (But only because I was at work.)

Now, if you’re confused about a few things in this trailer, gather round because Mummy Collectress is gonna tell you all about Hela, Miu Miu, and Planet Hulk.

Who the hell is Hela? 

Aside from awesome? In Norwegian lore (aka my family history), Hela (Hel, in the original lore) is the goddess of death and the underworld. She is the daughter of Loki, and we get the phrase “go to hell” from her, because, originally, that’s how you not-so-nicely-told someone to f**k off and die.

In the comics, however, Hela often wanted to take over Asgard, putting her at odds with Thor, Odin, and definitely Loki, who is trying to reenact Game of Thrones, Asgardian-style. She never really succeeds, however, and eventually ends up in Las Vegas, stealing souls.

What happened to Mjolnir?

Well, Hela is so bad ass that she f**king crushed it. Crushed it with her bare hands like it was a can of Sprite. 

Move over, Loki, we have a new villain that’s up for Reigning Bad Ass Supreme.

What’s the deal with the Hulk?

Well, the Hulk’s gladiator-like garb is pretty much straight homage to Planet Hulk, a storyline in which Hulk fights his way to freedom, a la Gladiator. The appearance of Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster (omg sexy nerd alert) is, well, a hint that Marvel is probably going to have him be in possession of one of the Infinity Stones (likely the one representing Mind). The Grandmaster is fond of games, often pitting superheroes against each other in the comics. Throwing Thor and the Hulk into a death match is pretty much just the kind of thing that the Grandmaster is into.

Also, epic Thor and Hulk fight scenes involving much smashing of many things.

Oh, and lastly, this f**ker shows up in the film (and the Mutineer is going to die).

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Who’s ready for more Thor?