Diva’s Top 3 WonderCon 2017 Moments

WonderCon 2017 has come and gone, and boy oh boy, did I see a lot of great stuff. Here are my top 3 WonderCon moments.

Talking Hockey and Taking Selfies with the Cast of “Wynonna Earp”

As soon as I arrived at WCA, I grabbed a quick snack and met up with Doctor Darling, who was standing in line for an autograph session with the cast of Wynonna Earp, a Collective favorite SyFy television show. I interviewed the cast and writers last year at WCA 2016, and so a chance at another meeting sounded like a brilliant idea, especially after the announcement that the show is getting a second season. When we finally got up to the signing table, Alex Zorwawny, Kate Drummond and Tim Rozon chatted with us for went felt like a good 10 minutes, signing posters and each one taking the time to talk to us not only about the show, but the convention and our own personal interests. I love talking about hockey, so when Alex mentioned filming in Toronto, I, of course, said that I’d seen the Maple Leafs play, but she said she liked the Edmonton Oilers better. What a coincidence! My phone screensaver is a pic of me and my hockey girls at the Oilers game last month, celebrating a goal at the glass with Connor McDavid right in front of us–a pic tweeted by the team’s social media account! I got to show that off, which got a laugh out of  Alex (mission success!) and Kate, who is adorable and so, so nice. At the end of the signing line was Tim, the sweet, mustached angel who plays Doc Holiday, whom we LOVE here at the Collective and oh yeah, I got another selfie 🙂 All in all, a chat with the always awesome Wynnona Earp crew and an autograph poster (or two) was a great way to start of my time at WCA.

Wonder Woman at WonderCon

Oh man oh man!! I haven’t been excited for a superhero movie since forever, so this is a BIG DEAL for me. I adore a strong female lead, and Wonder Woman is as strong as they come. I didn’t get to see the Wonder Woman invisible car at SDCC 2016 (and no, that isn’t a joke about it being invisible, I never even got across the street once last year), so I took a little tour of the WW area on the floor at WonderCon, which was uh-may-zing, and I made sure to get a good seat for the Warner Brothers presentation in the large arena and got to see some SPECIAL SECRET FOOTAGE that I dutifully didn’t video tape and won’t share here. Let me just say, Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns, the director and a writer for the WW film LOVE this character, and are definitely going to do her justice. Plus, anyone who talks about archetypes is automatically awesome in my book.

Mia Araujo in the Artist’s Alley

When I came across Mia’s art, I had to stop and pour over her gorgeous collection and strike up a conversation. Mia is working on a reinterpretation of Alice in Wonderland using traditional African tribal images and these paintings are the most beautiful imagining of one of my favorite stories that I have ever seen.

The one I have is the bottom left image of Alice and her elder sister, called “Sisters” (I got it signed). Doctor Darling wanted the one right next to it, of Alice and the forest behind her (two for $25!). We chatted with Mia and her identical twin sister, Barbara, for a good while about the art, her inspiration and reasons behind the particular imagery. Mia talked about her interest in African art and a desire to embody the rich culture in a well-known fairy tale, her love of the forest and the unique acrylic art that came out of that combination. Mia and Barbara were delightful and I am looking forward to the final product, which Mia mentioned might be a story book with some pretty badass illustrations. Mia, if you’re looking for a writer, hit me up!

Visit Mia’s website here

xoxo C. Diva

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