Wynonna Earp at WonderCon: Season 2 Arrives June 9!

By The Collectress

ICYMI, the Collective crew was at WonderCon last weekend, and we stalked just happened to hang around with the Wynonna Earp people.


I love attending the Wynonna Earp panels, because the cast and crew are so personable and genuinely happy to be around each other and their fans. This panel was no exception, though the panel consisted of only two actors and one writer from the show. Tim Rozon and Kate Drummond are delightfully charming, and the writer, Alex Zarowny, is very much in tune with what the fandom likes and wants to see in the show.

Though the panelists said that they absolutely could not discuss season 2 with the audience, we did get the first look at season 2. Check it out if you haven’t already.

The cast did share what they’d like to see happen in future episodes. Tim Rozon shared that he’d like to see a reenactment of the OK Corral and, um, is hell yes an appropriate response to that?

Although the cast and crew were limited by what they could and could not divulge, they were very warm and responsive to questions and comments from the fans. In fact, my favorite part of the panel was when Tim Rozon got serious and talked about what the fans mean to the creators of the show, and how much he looks forward to seeing and interacting with them.


All in all, June 9 seems so close and so far away for season two of this kickass show, but it looks like it’s gonna be more kickass and sassy than season one! So, Earpers, let’s all just reflect on this last thought from Tim Rozon as we wait for season two, hopeful for news of a season three.



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