Legion Recap: “Chapter 8”


The season finale has the gang at Summerland looking to remove Farouk from David’s mind as David attempts to navigate a cease-fire with Division 3.

Spoilers within spoilers within Spoilers…

Sympathy for the Devil

The finale starts with the interrogator from the first episode (his name is Clark, by the way) as he recovers from third degree burns he sustained during the rescue mission for David. Healing has been slow and strenuous on his relationships with his husband and son. All of this has only given Clark the motivation to find David and the other mutants to put a stop to them. So, when the D3 admins attempt to stick him behind a desk, Clark very politely tells them to shove it and suits up to head to Summerland where things last left off.

All those goons with guns are worth bupkis as David makes light work of disarming and piling them up. Ptonomy wants to put a bullet in Clark’s brainpan (squish) while Melanie asks David to read the D3 bigwig’s brain. Fortunately for Clark, David is in a good mood and is looking for a way to coexist with D3. Other countries manage to live side-by-side in peace, right? (I don’t think there are too many history books in Clockworks) Clark decides to sit back observe since D3 stuck a camera in his eye and are watching everything unfold.

Taming the Beast

Farouk is under some control, but that control is slipping. Cary, with some assistance from Oliver, is working on a way to remove the parasite from David entirely. This is going to prove difficult when Farouk (who is looking more like Beetlejuice than Aubrey Plaza) pulls Syd into the White Room of Sexy Times and asks the hard question, “have you ever tried to unmake soup?”

The Shadow King is not going to let David go willingly. It would destroy him first. If Syd were to help Farouk, though, it is willing to leave without harming Syd’s boy-toy. When Syd returns from the White Room, she tells Clark about Farouk in hopes he could help.

Cary and Oliver look through David’s brain scans and see there are two different brainwaves. The two men build a machine that will “pull” at Farouk while David “pushes” Oliver explains. The machine sends David on a trip down memory lane with Pink Floyd for company as he faces the decaying Lenny King.

David is facing the possibility he will be without something that has been with him since birth and asks, “who am I without you? What happens to me when you’re gone?” The kind of questions people in recovery from addiction ask. How much of me comes from you and how much is actually me? Lenny answers David by strangling him. Everyone, accept for Oliver who is working on the generator to provide power to the machine, watches as blood pours out of David’s nose. It is obvious he is losing the battle.


Syd intervenes and kisses David to extract Farouk as Kerry rushes in to help. Farouk jumps from David to Syd, then to Kerry. Armed with some sweet martial arts skills, The Shadow Kerry takes down a gun happy Ptonomy (dude needs a new default setting when it comes to jumping to action) and knocks Clark across the room. David, having quickly recovered from nearly dying, runs at Kerry and the force of the collision knocks Farouk out of her.

David helps Clark up and the two men agree it would be best if D3 and Summerland team up to defeat Farouk. I wish I could just end this here and say the good guys won, but no. Legion just wants to break my heart because Farouk lands itself inside the body of Oliver who just started to remember who Melanie is. Oliver/Farouk happily make their way to a car and leave Summerland before anyone has any idea what in the hell just happened. The two head South to look for something, or someone.

What is a superhero show without an end credits scene?

If you are like me, you have been trained to sit till the end of the credits and this time the Pavlovian response was rewarded with a bonus scene. If you didn’t watch the credits all the way through, then you missed something pretty important. Quick, go back and watch then come back here so we can geek out together!

David and Syd are spending time on the balcony as he reaches out with his mind to see Oliver and Farouk are heading South. As David is chiding/thanking Syd for her help with getting Farouk out, a Poké ball looking device comes and traps David in it!

Thoughts and Questions

So, was the Poké ball D3? Or is Charles Xavier looking for a chat with his son now that David’s mind is Farouk free? OR, is there a third party in play?

What are Oliver and Lenny looking for? Is it Professor X or the thing Lenny mentioned when interrogating Amy?

While I’m heartbroken at Oliver getting possessed just as he is remembering his wife, I am super thrilled Jermaine Clement and Aubrey Plaza will be sticking around for season two! And they are teaming up! Just imagine how great those scenes are going to be.

The beginning of the episode was outstanding and continues to illuminate how brilliant Legion is. What other show would dedicate such a significant amount of airtime to portraying a secondary villain as a loving family man?

These eight episodes went by way too quickly, but Hawley has hinted he may do ten episodes for season two which he is aiming for a premiere around the same time in 2018. So much to look forward to!

Until Then!

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