Legion Recap: “Chapter 7”


Our heroes work to rescue themselves and each other as the true identity of Lenny is revealed.

Spoilers within spoilers within spoilers…


Back at the Psychedelic Ice Cube Lounge

Rewinding back a bit before the end of last week’s episode, things pick up as Cary and Oliver arrive at his icy home in the astral plane. Oliver explains Amalh Farouk (A.K.A. The Shadow King) has them all trapped inside David’s mind, but things will become much more complicated once they leave. Also, David has been banished to a small corner of his own mind and will disappear soon if they don’t help him break free. Oh, just to be clear, Lenny is Farouk (pat yourself on the back if you called it a couple of weeks back).

To save everyone, Cary is going to need some help. He wakes Syd, who figured out just about everything on her own, and arms her with several pairs of special glasses to see through Farouk’s illusions. Cary then goes to Melanie and brings her to the suspended reality. Before David wakes and pulls them from the astral plane, Oliver needs to shield Syd and David from the oncoming hail of bullets while Cary puts the headgear he developed on David to isolate his mind from Farouk.

Melanie is happy to see her husband once again, but Oliver doesn’t quite recognize her. His memories are fuzzy at best. Oliver and Cary work on creating the shield as Melanie finds a dying Rudy inside the house. Walter stabbed him before taking on his appearance which explains why Rudy is practically comatose at Clockworks.

My Rational Brain speaks to Me in an Irish Accent and I’m wondering what that says about Me?

David is stuck within a coffin buried underneath his mind, but not really as his rational brain-self points out. With the help of his British-voiced-logical self, David gives himself (and the audience members lagging a little behind) a lecture of his own history. His real father (Charles Xavier for those who didn’t quite get the painfully obvious hint shown earlier in the episode) is a powerful mutant who battled and defeated the Shadow King in the astral plane. But Farouk wasn’t fully destroyed, it’s essence still lived on. Knowing David would be in danger, his father gave him up to the Hallers. It was no use as Farouk still found him and nested within his brain, feeding off his power, and making him seem mentally ill.

Armed with knowledge (and knowledge is power), David starts to break through the prison Farouk made inside his mind.

Inside Rolling Hills Asylum

Syd returns to Clockworks to find the NPC’s Farouk filled the asylum with have gone all Resident Evil-like, attacking Kerry as Walter stalks somewhere behind her. Armed with the fancy glasses (which makes Clockworks a silent film with dialogue cards and everything!), Syd and Kerry find Rudy and begin looking for Melanie and David. Lenny, who has been interrogating Amy about David’s arrival as a baby and where “it” is hiding, realizes she has lost control over her prisoners. She arrives at Clockworks (looking like a mix between Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter) and crumples Walter like he was a piece of paper (he collapses on himself in the same way in reality) and moves to kill Syd and Kerry.

Breaking Free

In the immobilized reality, Oliver works his powers to create a shield and Cary moves to place the headgear on the real David. Lenny senses things are changing and briefly leaves Clockworks to incapacitate Oliver and disable the shield. Time begins to speed up as David is making his way to the end of a labyrinth created in the astral plane to slow him down. Lenny arrives back at Clockworks to finish off Kerry and Syd, but Rudy uses the last of his strength to stall Lenny’s death blow. Cary fits the headgear on the real David just as David flexes his mental muscles and frees himself and the others from the astral plane. When everyone returns to their bodies, David works one last bit of magic and catches the bullets before they can hit him and Syd.

The return to Summerland is a happy one for the gang with the exception of Kerry who is hurt that Cary abandoned her when she needed him. Rudy is hanging on by a thread, Oliver is back from the astral plane (his memory is still fuzzy) and making everyone breakfast, and David and Amy have a nice little talk. But the headgear keeping Farouk isolated is not fool proof and Cary needs to get David back to his lab to figure a more permanent solution.

Too bad D3 troops along with a badly burned, but still mobile, interrogator from the first episode arrive at Summerland. The delay gives Farouk time to start breaking free once again.

Thoughts and Questions

Does anyone else find it strange Ptonomy didn’t show up until the very end and wasn’t mentioned at all in the rescue effort?

What is the “it” Lenny/Farouk was integrating Amy about? What else did Professor X hide when he gave up David?

“Chapter 7” was a great set up for the finale, but it did the one thing I was hoping Legion wouldn’t do. Stop down everything and explain what’s going on. While the exposition was done in an entertaining and creative way, I feel like that took away part of what makes Legion an interesting show.

I’m very excited to see what surprises the finale has coming as well as what conflict will be set up for season two.

Till Next Week!

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