Legion Recap: “Chapter 6”


Syd can’t quite shake the feeling something is not right as she and the other patients at Clockworks work out their issues with Dr. Lenny Busker.

Spoilers within spoilers within spoilers…

Mind Palace

Lenny is enjoying her new role as therapist as she attempts to probe into her new charges’ minds and convince them they belong at Clockworks and are not super-powered. Melanie is a widow who can’t let go of her husband, Ptonomy spends too much time regressing into his memories before of his mother’s death, Cary and Kerry have an unhealthy attachment, David is attempting to achieve balance with his bipolar disorder. Yup, David is not a schizophrenic in this construct, that would be Syd. Accept Syd knows she is not a schizophrenic, she has an Anti-Social Personality Disorder. Her discomfort of being touch is so ingrained into her personality, Lenny’s power of persuasion can’t break through and convince her otherwise.

Spending time in David’s head must have given Syd some immunities to Lenny/Shadow King’s powers. Syd feels like she is living in “the boring kind of” dream where you just doing your normal everyday thing (Side Note: Those are the dreams I have when I’m super stressed out, like I’m craving a boring normal). She also sees David’s bedroom door in the halls, but it is not always there. It is worth mentioning Walter also seems to sense something is not quite right, but he is fine with it as long as he gets to be his creeptacular self with Kerry.

David on the other hand is comfortable and at peace with this new reality. Here he doesn’t hear voices, he just has to deal with his depression and mania. Both of which are completely under control at the moment, most likely, because Lenny wishes it so. David has no want to “get better” and go into the harsh real world. He has his girlfriend, his music, and his paintings.


But Syd keeps pushing for David to want to get better. Frustrated with Syd’s non-cooperation, Lenny sends her away and keeps her asleep.

“These Dreams go on when I close my eyes”

Cary and Kerry might be separated in this reality, but they are still completely connected as they finish each other’s sentences and feed one another. They even share dreams of an ice cube. One night, the ice cube comes back to Cary, but it also has a man wearing a diver suit gesturing for Cary to follow him. While Cary follows the diver away, Kerry is still back at Clockworks, lost and very vulnerable without her other half as Walter stalks her. Melanie also sees the man in the diver suit in a wall of her room and she knows it is her husband, Oliver, Dr. Lenny tries to convince her is dead. Melanie follows Oliver through the wall and ends up back at David’s house.

The scene before Melanie is the last one our heroes were in before they were pulled into Lenny’s version of Clockworks. Amy is by the mirror freaking out. Melanie, Ptonomy, Cary, and Kerry are being pushed away by Boyd/Walter as he is firing a gun at David, who is being shielded by Syd. In slow motion, the bullets continue to travel towards David and Syd. Melanie tries to move the bullets, but they burn her. She tries to move David and Syd, but they are unmovable.

Master Plan

Realizing she has lost control of Clockworks, Lenny/Shadow King decides to give up on the deception. Dropping the good doctor facade, Lenny tells David she knew his real father. He gave David up for adoption to hide David from her. She found him anyways and planned to poison his mind as revenge. When she realized his power, she decided to cling to him like a “fungus.” She even gave him what he wanted in his girlfriend, but he quit helping. “All I need is your body, anyway,” Lenny tells him as she locks him away.

All is not completely lost as Syd is woken up by Cary in the diver suit.

Thoughts and Questions

This might have been the most straight-forward episode of Legion yet!

Amy’s Nurse Ratchet personality at Clockworks was very disturbing. Is that because Lenny sees her as the bad guy, protecting David from the truth of his family? Or is this how Amy really feels about David and the others after her time in D3?

How heartbreaking was it to watch Melanie be helpless to save David and Syd? I have a sinking feeling we are going to lose Syd when this is all over and season two will be dealing with the aftermath.

I wonder why Ptonomy keeps going back to the moment of his mother’s death? Is it because it is the last time he was happy, or does he want to go back and help his younger self understand what happened?

Loved the whole sequence of Lenny dancing through David’s memories (ala James Bond or Archer title sequence). It was like she was so thrilled to finally get his mind to herself and she couldn’t help but dance through it to Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good.” Someone needs to give Audrey Plaza an Emmy right now.

Next week’s penultimate episode has Oliver setting up a jail break for our heroes, but what happens when they all go back to the real world? Can Syd and David be saved?

Till Next Week!

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