The top 3 things about Once Upon a Time’s return

Once Upon a Time is back, y’all. The second half of season 6 premiered two weeks ago, and goodness knows I’ve missed my fairy tale gang. Here are the top three moments from “Tougher Than the Rest” and “Murder Most Foul.”

3.) Robin isn’t dead!


Well, kinda. Sorta? In the mid-season finale, Regina and Emma ran into a version of Robin Hood from the Wish realm where they had been trapped. But this isn’t the same Robin that Regina loved—he’s a harder, crueler man, still a thief and scoundrel in many ways. Despite knowing this, Regina brings him back with them to Storybrooke. Can she and this new Robin find happiness? Or is his presence in Storybrooke only going to make Regina’s heartbreak worse?

2.) Emma isn’t dead!

ABC/Jack Rowand

I’m sensing a theme here. At the end of the midseason premiere, Emma’s vision finally comes true. Part of it, anyway. She is confronted by Gideon, who tries to kill her. But unlike the dream that has plagued her since the beginning of the season, she is able to survive the fight. Gideon vows to return to finish the job, but at least for now, Emma is still a living, breathing Savior.

1.) Love isn’t dead!

via TV Fanatic

I was trying to be consistent, okay? I might suck at making lists, but the good news is that Hook wants to propose to Emma. (Yes, you can squeal for joy, Captain Swan shippers!) He spends the majority of “Murder Most Foul” being nervous as f*** about asking David for his blessing. He gets the coveted blessing in the end, only to gain a horrible realization. Back in the Enchanted Forest, when Hook was still a dreadful pirate, he murdered David’s father. Will Hook be able to live with this secret while also asking David’s daughter for her hand in marriage?

via TV Fanatic

Until next time,

The Collected Mutineer

Bonus: August made an appearance in both episodes. He isn’t in the series enough, if you ask me.

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