Support Lightstep Chronicles and Epic Space Operas Everywhere

Friend of the blog, Tara Djoric, is working on an epic comic project that we just cannot wait to share with you! Please check out the post below and visit their Kickstarter page by April 11 to donate and help get this amazing comic out there to the masses.

Press Release:

Serbian independent comic book publisher Imagine Incredible has just announced the start of the Kickstarter campaign for its flagship comic book project, Lightstep Chronicles.

To kick off the campaign, Imagine Incredible have recorded an unorthodox promotional video, a parody on the usual Eastern European tropes and stereotypes. In the video, Imagine Incredible is depicted as a shady operation involved in tax fraud and worker exploitation, and accompanied by random outbreaks of radiation.

The goal of the video, as Imagine Incredible’s lead comic book editor Mišo Živanov states, was to have fun first and foremost, but also to break the prejudices related to their region and show that it has the creative potential to stand shoulder to shoulder with the giants of the comic book industry.

“Our country and our region are globally known for a lot of things, but high quality comic books aren’t among them. Our goal is to gather the unique talents from the region and introduce them on the global stage, because their work deserves it. While our video is all fun and games, I hope that people will also realize that we take our comics seriously and that our project has the quality to stand on its own”, concludes Živanov.

Lightstep Chronicles is an Art Deco-inspired retro-futuristic Sci Fi opera filled with spaceship battles, awesome weapons, space pirates, and time doing weird things, all sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor.

The expansive and ambitious space opera is not merely a new comic book story, but the first chapter in the saga of a whole new universe, to be revealed and expanded across multiple other storylines told not only through comic books, but through other media, such as video games and novels, as well. Uncommoner’s Gene, a novel that take place decades before the events described in the comic book, is already completed and available through the campaign.

As for the comic book itself, the first two episodes of the planned five-episode story arc have been completed, and the publisher has turned to Kickstarter for support for the completion of the storyline. The campaign ends on April 11, 2017, and the Imagine Incredible team hopes that the date will mark the proverbial big bang and the birth of a glorious new galaxy.