Legion Recap: “Chapter 5”


Things take a turn for the worst with our favorite group from Summerland. We find out more of who Lenny is to David.

Spoilers within spoilers within spoilers…


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David, Ptonomy, and Syd return the injured Kerry to Summerland where Cary tends to her and eventually absorb his other half so she can fully heal. It is immediately obvious to everyone who is not named Syd David is not his normal self. He cruelly taunts Melanie with his meeting Oliver in the astral plane. David seems more confident and in control of his powers when he creates a room for him and Syd to be together inside. Syd is so overcome with finally getting to be intimate with her man, she can’t see the signs that this is not her David.

Later that day, David and Syd inform Melanie they are going to Division 3 (or D3 as they are now calling it) in the morning to rescue Amy. Melanie once again begs David to stay, but he is obstinate. David and Syd return to their White Room of Sexy Times where Syd tells David about her first time having sex. After her detached confession of body switching with her mother to have sex with her mother’s boyfriend and her past talk about her body not being her body, it becomes a little clearer as to why Syd went to Clockworks. Syd wakes after hearing voices and finds David is gone. Lenny convinced him to carry on without the extra baggage.


Melanie, Ptonomy, Syd, and Rudy (the telekinetic mutant who helped to rescue David back in “Chapter 1”) head to D3 for what the assume will be a rescue mission for David and Amy. What they find is much worse. Blood and body parts of the D3 goons everywhere.

The group splits up as Rudy and Melanie find the control center with the video footage. The two of them watch David happily slaughters the D3 henchman with a flourish of his hand and a smile on his face. On a thermal imaging camera, the two see that it is not David, but the Yellow-Eyed Monster in control. Syd and Ptonomy find the Eye masquerading himself as Syd and David’s doctor. Thankfully they see through the ruse and leave him behind (or so they think). The two also find the dying D3 suit who warns them “it wears a human face.”

As the four regroup to leave D3, Melanie receives a call from Cary. Studying David’s sessions with him, Cary realizes that David shares his mind with another entity. A powerful and older creature that has no form (Shadow King it is! Sorry Mojo fans, maybe next season) took up residence inside of David’s mind some 30-odd years ago and manifested as a mental illness. The gaps in David’s memories are the times he realized the Shadow King was there. It rewrote his memories and replaced himself with David’s dog, King, The Angriest Boy, and Lenny.

David brings Syd to their White Room as Cary is relaying the disturbing information. He can’t outright say where he is physically (there are other ears present), but he manages to communicate Syd he and Amy are back in their childhood home while singing the saddest version of “Rainbow Connection” ever.

At the house, things become more intense for Amy as David/Shadow King confront Amy about a secret she has been keeping this whole time. After Lenny steps out of a mirror, taking form for the first time, Amy frighteningly confesses David was adopted.


The team arrives at the house (with the Eye following close by). Just as they are about to go inside, everything goes eerily silent. As in everyone has no hearing. The group presses forward and Cary arrives with a nifty looking headband to help them communicate with David without the other listening in.

The crew eventually come face to face with Lenny and David as (I’m assuming) the Eye in Rudy form bursts into the room and shoots at David. Time slows as Syd jumps between David and the bullets and has him take them both to the White Room. It is no safer there as the Shadow King appears and stalks Syd. David is frozen with fear, but eventually tries to stop the Shadow King from taking Syd.

Back to the Beginning

But did David save Syd or did the Shadow King fully take over? That is the question we all ask ourselves as the episode ends with the whole group (the Eye included) as patients at Clockworks in a therapy session lead by Lenny.

Questions and Theories

Legion is getting more and more tricky to recap as the series goes on and more than one viewing of each episode is almost becoming a requirement. The further the show dives into the powerfulness of David Haller, the more strange and trippy it becomes. And I’m so onboard with all of it.

With the “revelation” David was adopted, there is a big chance we could get the comic book origin of David Haller. The big question is will we get Patrick Stewart Charles or James McAvoy Charles? Or will FX recast the Professor and pretend the movies (and coming TV show) are not in this universe?

Okay so that might not be the big question. The big question would be is Clockworks another dimension in the astral plane? Has this all been inside of David’s head? Or is the Shadow King so powerful that reality has truly been bent?

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