Emerald City Recap S1xE10: No Place Like Home


As the season (and possibly series) draws to a close, Dorothy is left with no answers and Oz’s fate is not looking so great.

Spoilers for you and your little dog too…

Gain a Crown, Lose Yourself

Tip, West, and the rest of the witches stroll through the front gates of Emerald City and take control rather quickly. The victory is bitter sweet as Tip is faced with the decision as to what type of ruler he will be. Do as the Wizard and rule with fear and cruelty? Be trusting and face the same fate as his parents?

Tip has to decide quickly as he is immediately faced with his parent’s killer. Eamonn, in full battle dress, comes to Tip and lays his sword at Tip’s feet. He confesses he killed the King and Queen because he wanted to save his own life, but spared Ozma when he realized his own daughter was the same age. As punishment, Tip takes the memory of him from his wife and children then banishes him (wearing the lions head because Cowardly Lion) to wander Oz in shame.

West congratulates Tip on bringing true justice back to Emerald City and gives him the crown. Just before he places it on his head, he sees the image of himself as a boy starting back at him. With Ozma placing the crown upon her head, she officially puts the boy Tip behind her.

A Mother of a Situation

As the Wizard arms his men with guns, he is shocked to find it was Dorothy, not him, who woke the Stone Giants. Jack storms into the camp, with Jane not far behind, and slaughters several guards before walking right into the Wizard’s tent. As he is about to deal the death blow, Jane stops him. The Wizard tells Jane her daughter, Dorothy, is in Oz and if Jack kills him, she will lose her chance to be with Dorothy. The reunion will have to wait as Glinda and her army arrives.

Dorothy attempts to reason with Glinda, but quickly loses her power over the Giants when Glinda brings Sylvie in to destroy them. In the smoke and confusion, the Wizard shoots Sylvie while ordering the rest of him men to kill the rest of the girls. In all the carnage, Jack is shot several times and loses a couple of limbs. Glinda cruelly blames Dorothy, “everyone is dying because of you. Because you chose the wrong side.”

It is all a trick once again and the girls get up and rejoin Glinda because “only a witch can kill a witch.” You would think that would be something both Dorothy and the Wizard would remember since a big deal of it was made when East died. The Wizard surrenders to Glinda and he is taken back to Emerald City with Dorothy.

The Beast Rises

So, the guy with no skin in the Prison Abject is the Beast Forever. Huh. He uses a stick to get his skin down from a branch and cuts it into pieces so it will be easier to put back on (seriously, eww). Then he spouts wings and makes his way to Emerald City.

Before he arrives, Glinda and West have a minor showdown of words in the throne room. West wishes that she and her sister serve Ozma as they did with King Pastoria. “Magic and reason can rule Oz side by side once again” West implores. Glinda has other plans, but before they can either join hands or start the next battle for Emerald City, darkness starts to settle over Oz.

As the storm brews, Dorothy takes the Wizard to the tornado chamber so she can send him home. But the Wizard would rather die than go back to Kansas and be Frank. He gets his wish soon enough as Jane shoots him before he can harm Dorothy. Jane tells Dorothy she is her mother and not Karen Chapman. She sent Dorothy away as a baby because she made a promise to protect her no matter what then sends her away again, back to Kansas.

Home Again?

Dorothy wakes up in front of Karen’s trailer as if she had never left. Running into the basement, she finds Karen just barely alive as the police show. A few days later, Karen is still in critical condition and Dorothy is back with her aunt and uncle, anxious for answers and out of place with reality.

As she takes a walk through the corn field, she sees Toto and Lucas/Roan. Jane has been captured by the Beast Forever and sent the two of them to bring Dorothy back home to Oz.

Thoughts and Questions

I have to hand it to Emerald City, it committed to its strange vision throughout and I did enjoy certain parts of it. But beneath the oddness, there was no truly cohesive story being told.

Tip’s evolution to Ozma may have been my favorite because he/she was the most thought out character of the group. Same with West becoming the true good guy of Oz. Unfortunately, Dorothy, the real main character of the story, was seriously underdeveloped and made it difficult to connect with her.

The Beast Forever reveal came way out of left field and felt anti-climactic. As was as the final showdown between Glinda, Dorothy, and the Wizard.

The reveal of Jane was a twist I didn’t see coming, but I enjoyed greatly. Outside of Tip and West, Jane was a character I really enjoyed and felt she was criminally underused. If there is a second season, I hope to see more of her.

Emerald City was an interesting experiment, but I wish it could have found its footing long before the last couple of episodes. Maybe if given a second season, the producers will learn from their mistakes.

See you on the other side of the rainbow!

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