The Ghostfacers at Long Beach Comic Expo 2017


Supernatural fans were out in droves on Saturday, February 18 at the Long Beach Comic Expo in Long Beach, California to see the Ghostfacers panel, exclusively at LBCE 2017. A.J Buckley, Brittany Ishibashi, Dustin Milligan, Mircea Monroe, Austin Basis and Travis Wester have great chemistry, and have worked together on and off since the first Ghostfacers episode aired in 2008, most notably, in popular Ghostfacers YouTube web series.

On their panel, the group discussed creating the season 3 episode of Supernatural in which the Ghostfacers are filming their own reality ghosthunting show and the Winchester brothers show up. According to the cast, that experience was unique because they had the freedom to write a few of their own jokes, operate the cameras, while audiences get a behind-the-scenes perspective on Dean and Sam. Everyone’s favorite dead intern even admitted to being a SPN fan who loved the show before he appeared on it! This being a typical Supernatural panel, fans asked about pranks (yawn), J2 and had really, really specific content questions that participants were happy to answer. As always, we had a blast hanging out with the Supernatural fandom and hope to see more of the group soon. They hinted that there may be another Ghostfacers episode of Supernatural coming up, so here’s to hoping!

xoxo C. Diva

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