Fanfic Wednesday: “Like a Stone” (Supernatural RPF)

Destiel ships itself.


“Like a Stone” by Serenhawk (Supernatural RPF)

Pairings: Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins
Word Count:  8,109
Rating: Mature

Author’s Summary

It’s summer 2034, and the Ackles & Collins clans have gathered for their annual family vacation at the Ackles’ owned lake house. For Misha, turning off is proving difficult, and he’s avoiding acknowledging how internalized and distant he is. Which is why, during an unexpected afternoon trip in the impala, he doesn’t see it coming when Jensen forces him to confront how strained they’ve become.

My Thoughts


It’s been a while since I read any Cockles, and yet when my dear friend Serenhawk shared a link to new works in the Cockles Cooperative, I had to peruse. The Cooperative puts together fic challenges for the Ackles/Collins pairing and this particular story was posted back in September, but I only recently came across it. What I love about this story is that we get a glimpse of life with the boys in twenty or so years, and it looks a lot like what we might expect, with a dose of reality that cannot be ignored. I love Serenhawk’s take on polyamory relationships and also her characterization of Jensen and Misha. They aren’t perfect, they don’t get everything right, but they care about each other and that love will last a lifetime.

xoxo C. Diva

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