Le Geek So Chic Fires Up LBCE 2017

Bernadette Bentley
Long Beach Comic Expo
Long Beach Comic Expo
By the Collectress

One of the fastest growing sectors at geek/comic/fan conventions is geek fashion, with events like the Her Universe fashion show happening yearly at SDCC, and now the travelling geek couture show Le Geek So Chic.

The wonderful thing about LGSC is that the show is very body positive and inviting; at the beginning of the show, host Bernadette Bentley states that anyone can model for the designers, regardless of height, body type, age, or gender. Due to the positivity and the upbeat nature of the show, both the models and the audience have a fabulous time at the event. Every model, regardless of experience, is met with lots of applause. It was easily the most lively fashion show I’ve ever been to!

This year, there were three lines shown at Le Geek So Chic. The first, a line of Disney-inspired clothing, was produced Adorkable Apparel and Castle Corsetry, and I need a pair of mermaid leggings like whoa. The second line, by Celestial Body Swimwearwas…drumroll please…SPACE BIKINIS.

Okay, but seriously…who doesn’t want a NASA bikini? I’m just saying…it’s my birthday this weekend and if you were looking for gifts, I’m a size small.

Note: Celestial Body Swimwear has not yet launched but is accepting preorders starting on Monday, February 27! 

The third line was by the popular Elhoffer Design. I’d previously seen their designs at Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con last October, and their Harry Potter-inspired clothing still sets my heart aflutter. I have a mighty need for the Slytherin-inspired sweater…

Do yourself a big nerdtastic favor and check out these designs in our gallery below, and then head on over to the websites and see the rest of their collections.

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Photography by the Collected Mutineer

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