Emerald City Recap S1xE8: Lions in Winter


Filler and set up rule the eighth outing as the series gears up for the final two episodes.

Spoilers coming for you and your little dog too!

A marriage as cold as the North

It is a very awkward reunion between Glinda and Roan as she is thrilled to have her husband back, but he is obviously conflicted. Since Roan didn’t know he had a wife, he fell for Dorothy.

Glinda locks Dorothy in a cell with her former servant, Noa (the council member who got knocked up and was replaced by Ana way back in episode one). Due to give birth at any moment, Noa tells Dorothy the Wizard had the father executed because he saw the affair as a betrayal to him. Noa voices the same thoughts I had last week, the Wizard is the real Beast Forever. Roan comes to the cell to visit Dorothy and beg her to convince Glinda she is not a threat. Dorothy refuses. She may not be on the Wizard’s side, but that sure as hell doesn’t mean she is siding with Glinda, who is using little girls to fight her war.

Noa goes into labor and Glinda shows some humanity by helping Noa with the pain, then has her servant and Roan help Dorothy deliver the baby. Dorothy and Roan share a sweet moment as they swaddle the new little one. Later on, Roan admits to Glinda witnessing the birth made him feel alone. Not because they could never have children of their own, but he was “neither with you…” he starts, “nor with her” Glinda finishes. His love for his wife returned when his memories did, but that doesn’t mean it completely erases what he had with Dorothy. Glinda warns her husband war is coming and the side he chooses will determine his life or death.

Sylvie, whose real name is Leith, is introduced to the other girls in training. At first the young girls harass Leith, but eventually she stands up for herself and the girls begin to accept her as one of them.

Impressed with her medical skills, Glinda decides to employ Dorothy as a healer for the girls who were driven mad when they stretched their abilities too far. Dorothy is horrified by the sight of all the damaged young girls and snaps when Roan brings in another little one. The anger brings out the gauntlets and Dorothy storms to Glinda’s chambers. She wraps the bed sheets around a sleeping Glinda’s neck and hangs her with them. Roan arrives and tells Dorothy she will have to kill him too. Dorothy drops Glinda and goes to Sylvie/Leith who chooses to stay with her sisters, leaving Dorothy completely on her own.

pointRoan doesn’t follow Dorothy to kill her as Glinda wants him to do. He begs Glinda to bring back the man he was, to rid him of whatever hold Dorothy has over him. Glinda tells him the only way he can be free of Dorothy is to kill her.

Set them Free

After waking up in the royal bed alone, Jack struggles to see how he can fit into the life of the new Queen. Langwidere dismisses her paramour publicly, stating she is busy with her duties. Jack goes to his maker, Jane, for company to find she is leaving the city. The Queen fired Jane when she refused to build guns for her. Jack goes to Langwidere to ask for Jane’s job back, but the Queen sees everyone in her kingdom (including Jack) as her property. They serve a purpose and they are not allowed to tell her no. “The only way you can love something is to own it?” Jack asks. “How else do you know it’s yours?” the Queen fires back. To prove she is right, she frees Jack and he leaves.

Before Jack can fully depart the city, he is caught up in Ev’s guards surrounding the palace. The Wizard has arrived. The journey North with his army to kill Glinda has a layover in Ev to pick up the guns. Too bad for him Langwidere has her guards aim them at him and his people instead of handing them over.

The Would-Be Queen

lightWest is certain Tip is Princess Ozma. The girl is the same age Ozma would be and who would turn a girl into a boy if not to hid her true nature. Tip is not as certain, but she goes along with West’s plan to drink East’s magic. If the plan works, Tip will have power and could go back to being a boy. But there is a huge amount of risk involved, no one has ever drunk another witch’s magic before.

Tip takes a swig and sees the memory of her parent’s death when she was a baby. She witnesses their slaughtered by a man with the head of a lion (we later find out is was Eamonn in the mask). Tip stops breathing and West assumes she died. Feeling guilty at ending another life, West goes to Glinda to find Mother South and join their cause. Glinda refuses to tell West where their mother is and tells her she is “just a void.”

Distraught, West goes back to the temple where Tip died and cuts open her own wrists. As she is bleeding out, Tip walks up to her very much alive. “It worked.”


Glinda tells Roan she took his memories to protect him, but we all know that is a lie. She did it to protect herself in case he decided to betray her or someone breaks him. Consequences are a bitch.

I just now realized Jane is the same Jane who came to Oz with Frank. I hope she begins to play a larger part in the narrative. I do wonder how is it she stayed, but Karen and Dorothy ended up back in Kansas.

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