Timeless S1xE15 Recap: “Public Enemy No. 1”

TIMELESS -- "Public Enemy No. 1" Episode 114 -- Pictured: Misha Collins as Eliot Ness -- (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)
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“What if you had the power to change history? Does that mean nothing’s meant to be?” – Garcia Flynn

Spoilers ahead.

It’s a classic argument: free will versus destiny. Does every decision we make lead to a brand new reality that would be completely different if we had turned left and not right? Or are we on the path we were meant to travel because it was pre-determined that we would chose it? How much control do we actually have over our own destinies? I think the answer may lie within. Those of us who want to control the process believe we choose, and then we live with the results of those choices. Others want to place their faith in a more knowledgeable higher power, trusting that the result (which could be identical) will always be the right one.


Flynn ingratiates himself to Al Capone by handing the famous gangster the key evidence that will convict him for tax evasion. Next, our trio befriends Untouchable hero Elliot Ness and is with him when Capone’s goon uses information from Flynn to take Ness out. This is wrong on so many levels; Lucy is extremely upset that Ness, the only man who could bring Capone down, is dead 26 years before his time (I, too, was upset because Misha Collins had, like, four complete sentences and then he was bleeding on the floor).

TIMELESS -- "Public Enemy No. 1" Episode 114 -- Pictured: Misha Collins as Eliot Ness -- (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)
TIMELESS — “Public Enemy No. 1” Episode 114 — Pictured: Misha Collins as Eliot Ness — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

They flee the apartment, and then head to Al Capone’s older brother Jimmy’s house. Jimmy is a cop of all things, who changed his name in the hopes of leading a normal life with his family. Lucy appeals to his big brother instincts, telling Jimmy that maybe he can save Al, set right all of the things Al did wrong.

It turns out that Flynn actually needed Capone to get to Chicago’s mayor, a Rittenhouse bad guy. Flynn learns that all of the Rittenhouse leaders gather every 25 years. Jimmy gives in and gets himself, Rufus, Wyatt and Lucy into Al Capone’s room. After the brothers exchange some tense words and Al mentions the Rittenhouse meeting, Jimmy says he’s here to take his little brother in. But Flynn has warned Al about the trio, and has asked the mobster to shoot Rufus so the others can’t follow him. Everyone pulls out a gun and in the end, Rufus is gut shot and Al Capone lies dead.

Wyatt and Lucy rush Rufus to the lifeboat, fearing that the poor care in a 1930’s racially segregated hospital might kill him. Lucy begs Rufus to focus, pleading with him to get them back home, but Rufus appears to collapse before he hits the button so they can take off.


We start this episode in a church, where Garcia Flynn is looking for a little solace in his mother’s Catholic faith. All of his hard work to take down Rittenhouse has not brought his family back. Agent Neville has also been thinking about Flynn’s mother; he is sending Lucy, Rufus and a menacing new soldier named Caleb Sullivan to Houston 1962 to kill 17-year-old Maria. Our team refuses, so Neville growls that he will charge them both with aiding and abetting a wanted terrorist. Lucy’s father then gets her alone to argue the benefit of killing one woman to save hundreds of others, promising that the next mission will be to save Lucy’s sister.

Rufus gets them to Houston, then tranqs G.I. Caleb and sends them back to the present, in the secret warehouse where Agent Christopher and Wyatt are camped out. Rufus has planted a virus at Mason Industries to keep the lifeboat out of Rittenhouse’s hands. The group is about to make sure Lucy’s mother and Amy’s father meet when the alarm goes off and, after an emotional argument, they agree to go after Flynn instead.

Back at Mason Industries, Jiya bears the brunt of Rufus’ deception. Rufus slipped her a burner phone, which he uses to ask her to stall Mason. Neville and Mason lock Jiya up and threaten her, but she retaliates by hacking into the company’s network just as Mason gets it back up and running. Later, Mason makes a play for access to the NSA’s data farm, promising that his company can use that information to pinpoint anyone Rittenhouse wants, anywhere, through traffic cameras and cell phones.

…and Future.

Rufus appears to black out before he can get the trio safely home. Are they stuck in 1931 Chicago with no way back? Will Rufus survive his injuries? Flynn now knows when and where all of the Rittenhouse leadership will be, but so do the good guys. They finally know where Flynn is heading before he leaps.

Time to Talk

TIMELESS -- "Public Enemy No. 1" Episode 114 -- Pictured: (l-r) Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston, Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan, Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin -- (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)
TIMELESS — “Public Enemy No. 1” Episode 114 — Pictured: (l-r) Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston, Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan, Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

I find it interesting that Flynn’s time travels have him believing that nothing is meant to be, while Wyatt’s response is that his wife was fated to die and there’s nothing he can do about it. In fact, Wyatt’s “one problem at a time,” mentality illustrates how calm and centered he is, which is a mature if not slightly surprising response.

On the Kripke front, I had to smile when Jim Beaver called out “Hey, Singer,” to bring over another agent. And my poor Misha! I know that filming is tight on Supernatural, but four lousy lines? I might be exaggerating, but it seemed like he had three and a half minutes of screen time before he’s brought down in a hail of gunfire. Completely unfair.

Well ladies and gents, looks like our season finale is next week! See you in 1954.

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