Timeless S1xE14 Recap: “The Lost Generation”



“Nobody gets to decide our futures except us.”

– Lucy Preston

spoilers ahead…

It’s amazing how easy it is to lose oneself in the lifelong search for a parent’s approval. We are taught at an early age that our mothers and fathers are always right. We must obey them, many times without question. I have seen countless friends and family members squash their own hopes and dreams because their parents had other ideas about what they were meant to do and who they were meant to be. Even the strongest among us fall victim. It is the ultimate Parent Trap.


Flynn shoots Charles Lindbergh out of the sky before the famous aviator can make his historic landing in Paris, circa 1927. Lucy, Rufus and their new “soldier,” David Baumgarten, are too late by the time they arrive on the scene, but their conversation about the missing pilot is overheard by none other than Ernest Hemingway, reporter for the Toronto Star, who offers to aid the trio in exchange for a scoop. Hemingway’s help takes them into the heart of Paris and the influential arms of Josephine Baker.


Lindbergh’s shoulder is dislocated in the crash, so Emma ends up at the same club as our merry band in search of absinthe to ease his pain. She’s spotted and Baumgarten is killed in an ensuing gunfight. Baker says her friend recognizes Flynn’s picture, and they now have an address. Hemingway, ripe for an adventure, joins Lucy and Rufus on their rescue attempt. They split up (of course) and Lucy is captured.

Flynn gives her a chance to convince Lindbergh to renounce Rittenhouse before Flynn just kills him. Turns out, Lindbergh and Lucy have a lot in common, including overbearing parents they feel compelled to obey. Flynn and Emma listen in, picking up the name of a local Rittenhouse member who Flynn confronts. Rufus and Hemingway find their way to Lucy and spring Lindbergh, who, with Baker’s help, seems to break free from his fate of being a distraction for Rittenhouse and instead settles down in the French countryside.


Lucy tells her father that she wants nothing to do with Rittenhouse, but he merely tuts at her, explaining that he said the same thing to his own father. Cahill says that once she’s inside, she’ll see the good that Rittenhouse does. This isn’t a choice for her; it’s in her blood. Cahill promises to be waiting for her once she’s ready to come home.

As we would imagine, Wyatt has been more than just grounded after joyriding in a top-secret time machine. He’s being held in a non-descript interrogation room but Agent Christopher is there, pissed yet sympathetic. Her support is quickly unimportant, however, when a new group of pro-Rittenhouse NSA suits (hello, Jim Beaver!) descends on Mason Industries. Cahill is free to hang out now, and tells Mason that he’s Lucy’s father. When Agent Christopher fills Wyatt in on this new development, he says it’s too organized to have been the result of his taking the Lifeboat; this was a planned coup. Wyatt confesses that he’s afraid that the universe or God wants his wife dead and he doesn’t know how to deal with that. Agent Christopher says maybe he’s meant to be helping his friends and slips him one hell of a paperclip, which he uses to free himself and turn off the power to his room so he can ultimately escape.

Once Lucy and Rufus return, they do their best to pass on as little information as possible to Agent Neville, Agent Christopher’s replacement. Lindbergh turns out to have only avoided Rittenhouse for a short time before ultimately being the same jerk he was meant to be. Lucy, Rufus, Wyatt and Agent Christopher are now meeting secretly since Wyatt’s on the lam, and he swears to protect Lucy and Rufus in an admittedly creepy pledge of support.

…and Future.

It finally happens. Lucy’s mom offers her a tool to help her process her thoughts – the infamous, monogramed journal Flynn uses to as a guide to destroy Rittenhouse. Will Lucy burn it or fill it in?

Time to Talk

I apologize for the subsequent fangirling. But not really.

Can I just say THANK YOU to Kripke Enterprises right now? You know, Timeless is a pretty adorable, visually entertaining, thought-evoking little fantasy drama. The writing is great, the plots are solid and the casting… well I can only say that when I squinted really hard and saw Jim “Bobby Singer” Beaver in an FBI suit, I was all smiles. I wish he had more dialog, but he’s got two more episodes so I’m expecting a few additional complete sentences.

But then, it’s promo time for the next episode and MISHA FREAKIN COLLINS is Elliot Ness?! I squeed all over the place. Out loud (and I mean LOUD). Even called in the teenager because thank GOD Misha is getting even more gigs. Please, Misha, read for a movie script or 17 because you are LEADING MAN MATERIAL, my friend.

Okay. I have turned off my Caps Lock. Oh! In case you didn’t know, next time you’re thinking about it, send a little missive to @NBCTimeless using #RenewTimeless to let the powers-that-be know how much you like this little show.

Next week, well you know, I just… *happysigh*.

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