Tom Hiddleston turned 36, and the internet swooned


My The internet’s boyfriend Tom Hiddleston turned 36 last Thursday, and in true Tom fashion, he had the entire world swooning during his entire birthday week. He’s on the cover of GQ, featuring beautiful photos of him in a brown suit (God, can he wear a suit) as well as an article that will make you laugh and cry and want to give him a big hug.

Oh, and that’s not all. It wouldn’t be our annual Tompocalypse if there weren’t lots of ovary explosions, right? Whatever you do, make sure you’re sitting down when you watch this absolutely charming video.

This one too.

It’s like GQ gets us, you know?

For good measure, let’s go over the most recent Tom news; just last month, he won a Golden Globe for his role in The Night Manager, and is starring in two major blockbusters this year. Who’s ready for Kong: Skull Island and Thor: Ragnarok?? He’s also currently filming Early Man, for which he’s doing some (undoubtedly lovely) voice work.

Hope 36 is amazing, Tom. And if you’re still sad about Taylor…we can cuddle any time you want.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Collected Mutineer