Fanfic Wednesday: “Yuri!!! On Ice” fics by braveten


This is a bit of an unconventional recommendation for one amazing ship—Victuuri! Usually, for a post like this, I would create a long fanfic rec list with a heaping helping of stories by various writers. However, this post centers on the works of just one person…

Meet braveten!

If you’re jumping into Yuri On Ice fanfiction for the first time, try one of braveten’s seven YOI works. Or hell, read all of them. Six of the fics are completed, and the most recent one just premiered on January 31. They update regularly, though, so don’t be worried about starting a WIP!

Regardless of whether the work is canon or an AU, braveten has a solid grasp of the YOI world and its amazing characters. Each and every one of these fics will suck you in until you forget that other ships even exist.

See you next level

-The Collected Mutineer

P.S. Go on, read a few, and get back to me! Which braveten fic did you enjoy the most?

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