Emerald City Recap S1xE4: “Science and Magic”



Dorothy and Lucas meet someone new on their way to Oz, The Wizard receives some disturbing news, Jack is made new, and Tip is faced with every woman’s dilemma.

Spoilers coming for you and your little dog too!

Recklessness Heroine

Dorothy and Lucas cut thru the woods, staying off the main road. She is not happy with taking the long way to Oz, but he is more worried about keeping her alive and away from Eamonn. Out of nowhere, a little girl runs to Lucas and clings to him as if he is her long-lost daddy. He argues they should continue on and leave the girl, but Dorothy takes the girl to the village nearby. Has Lucas not learned yet? Dorothy is going to do as she pleases.

The townspeople give Dorothy a big shrug when she asks about the girl, until a shady couple comes forward calling her Sylvie and claiming she belongs to them. Not fooled with their story, Dorothy follows them home. Staying behind in the woods with Toto, Lucas spies Eamonn and the guard approaching the village. Lucas quickly snatches Dorothy, but she fights to get back to the girl knowing the couple are not her parents. Ordering Lucas to strip, Dorothy goes back to the house in his clothes. She finds Sylvie, freaked out and her eyes balls black, holding the hands of the couple who have now been turned to stone. Dorothy removes Sylvie and the two book it.


They don’t get far when Eamonn finds them and recognizes Lucas’ sword around Dorothy’s waist. Eamonn has been “hunting for the owner” for some time. Dorothy utilizes the distraction, brandishes her gun, and fires a warning shot. Lucas runs up and grabs Sylvie as Dorothy follows. Eamonn stays on their heels, calling out to “Lowen.” Dorothy shoots Eamonn and he falls to the ground.

In the woods, Dorothy shares music with Lucas as Sylvie sleeps. Dorothy tells Lucas about shooting Eamonn and Lucas confesses he is fears about Eamonn knowing him. He wants to be Lucas, not Lowen. The two share a sweet kiss. The next morning the two wake to sounds of hooves. Lucas grabs Sylvie and runs straight into the path of a very alive Eamonn. Dorothy takes off in a different direction and is knocked on conscious by a boomerang thrown by the Munja’kin leader, Ojo.

Budding Rebellion

Breaking the laws and practicing magic comes with a stiff fine as the village of Nimbo is finding out. The Wizard’s guards are burning those who violated the ban when a magical-looking tunnel is found in a building. Word reaches the Wizard who wants to investigate and takes the now freed Anna with him (told you he wouldn’t keep her imprisoned for long).

On the way to Nimbo, the Wizard acknowledges Anna was right about him and his inability to control the Stone Giants. Anna assures him the Giants will not matter in the fight against The Beast Forever. “This Beast will come from the sky. It will have a brain and a heart. It will be possessed of relentless strength.” But don’t worry Wizard, “if it has a heart, you can kill it.”


They arrive in Nimbo to an angry crowd led by the shouty alderman, Jeremiah. They all have lost family members in the Wizard’s purge and see it as unjust. As Jeremiah claims there is no magic in the town as Anna is investigating the glowy tunnel. She touches it and it explodes then disappears. Anna is knocked out. She eventually wakes to find the Wizard professing his relief at her being okay. Knowing the village needs to be brought back under his control, the Wizard has his guard take the pregnant daughter of Jeremiah hostage. The crowd in Nimbo are quelled by Jeremiah preaching to “allow science to rule the day.”

The Halloween Costume Dilemma

Wracked with guilt thinking she killed Jack, Tip endeavors to hurl herself off a bridge. A guard from Ev happens along and talks her into a different option. He brings Tip to an orphanage run by Glinda where the Witch of the North teaches young women chastity and primes them to eventually become the Wizard’s council. Tip is not sold on Glinda’s ways and West is right there with a different proposition, come work for her. “So, you’re saying my only choice as a girl is nun or whore?” Welcome to womanhood, Tip! She takes option #3 and goes with West, but not to be one of her workers. Tip wants West’s magic (I’m presuming) to become a boy again.


Needs Oil

Tip should have stuck around Ev and she would have found Jack didn’t die. He is taken to Jane, a mad scientist type who “fixes” Jack by replacing his broken limbs with metal ones and his heart with a mechanical one that cannot be broken. Brokenhearted Jack scoff at the notion. Learning to get around in his new body, Jack meets a mysterious woman named Lady Ev – Princess Langwidere, who comes crashing into Jane’s home to pick a new face for the day. Lady Ev has taken a shine to the poor tin boy and lays claim to Jack. The mad scientist sadly delivers her latest project to the castle.

Thoughts and Questions

So, we have Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man in the form of Jack. Is Sylvie the Cowardly Lion… with terrifying Medusa-like powers?

Is Dorothy The Beast? That would be a pretty radical plot twist, but would it be a good change? Or, it could be Anna got her research crossed and she is really describing the savior from The Beast. That sounds more like the obvious route these shows tend to take.

Is anyone else a little squeed out by Anna and the Wizard making googly eyes at one another? Or the idea of a young Tip working in a brothel?

Till next week!

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