Emerald City Recap S1xE3: Mistress-New-Mistress


As Dorothy tries a new way home, the Wizard reveals his true self to an unlikely person, and Tip receives some unexpected news.

Spoilers coming for you and your little dog too!


The Most Dangerous Woman in Oz

Waking up to a gunshot, Dorothy finds Lucas on the beach. He recognizes his actions against Mombi freaked Dorothy out and the man he is will eventually be known to them both, but he feels she is the more dangerous person because of her gun. The two, with Toto, take refuge with a traveling circus heading to Emerald City, but the journey is cut short as the caravan is stopped by the Wizard’s guards. Lucas grabs Dorothy and drags her off to a brush area and they overhear Eamonn order the guards to find and kill Dorothy.

As the Wizard is no longer an option to get home, Dorothy decides to they need go to the palace of Miss “merciful and stern” where they saw a tornado hovering over. “I came here in a tornado. Maybe I can leave in one.” If only it were that simple.

They find the palace guarded by Sullivan who assumes Dorothy and Lucas are there to loot. As Sullivan attacks, the ruby gauntlets Dorothy received from East uncover themselves and the slash happy guard assumes she is East’s replacement to “settle the weather” which is growing wilder in the absence of their Mistress. Lucas begs Dorothy not to go thru with the deception, especially after Sullivan relieves the scarecrow of his sword. Dorothy ignores him and, much to the shock of everyone, walks across a moat to a platform where the twister is anchored. She raises her gauntlet encrusted arms and is swept away once again.


Dorothy is not transported home, but to a different platform in the middle of a snowy wood covered in debris where She finds a lab coat with “K. Chapman” sewn onto the pocket. The tornado returns Dorothy to Oz and she confronts Sullivan about the coat. He explains the things are leftovers of “interlopers” the Wizard had East send away. Dorothy blows her cover and reveals the coat belongs to her mother. Enraged at the lie, Sullivan attacks Dorothy and Lucas jumps in to save her. The two, along with Toto, run away just as the storm destroys the inside of the palace. To gets answers as to why her mother was in Oz, Dorothy must continue to the Emerald City and confront the Wizard.

When Two Becomes One

The Wizard is summoned to his Stone Giant where three women climbed onto its knee. Before Anna can explain they are possessed and performing a suicide ritual, the women jump and stop midair ten feet from the ground as if a noose around their neck snapped taut. The populace is frightened, the Wizard is desperate to provide them with answers. Elizabeth (the head councilwoman) doesn’t give him good ones. The signs point to The Beast Forever returning “when the two moons become one” (eight days) and will take the form of fire raining from the sky.

Anna thinks the omens mean it will snow. The weather has gone all wonky over East’s death. She also knows the three women are employees of Mistress West. The two visit the witch and interrogate her and her employees as to why three workers were suddenly possessed by magic. West claims no responsibility and teases Anna about her mother’s former occupation at the brothel. To comfort his councilwoman, the great and powerful man discloses his real name, Frank Morgan. He studied and worked hard to gain the power necessary in defeating the Beast and taking on the name “The Wizard of Oz.” “Your past does not define you,” he expresses.


West, high as a kite, confesses her gratitude to the Wizard for banning magic. Power was more addictive than the opiates she drowns herself in and was useless in the face of The Beast Forever. Now she doesn’t have to take responsibility for her gifts.

Anna discovers the dead women had specialized in older men who have difficulties getting… uh… excited. The Beast possessed them to show the Wizard it knows his weakness. He cannot control the Stone Giants. Their power is locked up in the Prison Abject which is why he asked Glinda and West to open it to him. Anna knows the Beast will arrive when Elizabeth said, but it will not take the form of fire. The Wizard locks Anna up to hide her findings. As it stars to snow, the Wizard realizes she was right.

Bad Medicine

Tip and Jack make their way to the Ev and hire an herbalist to recreate the medicine Mombi made. Tip is desperate to get back to the only form she has only ever known. The herbalist explains the concoction is not actual medicine, but a potion which turned Tip from a girl to a boy. Tip is understandably upset. She knows in her heart she is a boy. It is all she has ever known herself to be. Jack attempts to cheer her up with hopes of selling the dagger she told him not to steal. Then he kisses her. Tip was not having it and pushes him away, but shoved too hard causing Jack to crash over a second story balcony onto the ground below.


Quick Thoughts

The Beast Forever was banished about the same time Karen arrived on the Gale’s doorstep with Dorothy, right? Was the Beast able to be banished because of Dorothy or is Dorothy the Beast? Does the appearance of the monster happen when “interlopers” come to Oz? So many questions.

I feel like the show revealed too much about the Wizard too soon. We all know he is a fake, but the show could have let the reveal play out over the course of the series instead of telling all his secrets immediately.

Till next week.

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