Fanfic Wednesday: “Chrysalism”


Chrysalism” by The_Readers)Muse (AO3)

Pairings: Jamie Campbell/Mitch Morgan
Word Count: 19,436

Author’s Summary

But he still checked the inside of his arm every once and a while as the night wore on.

Just in case.

After all, now that he knew they were out there, it seemed wrong to miss anything.

My Thoughts


So, Zoo is a binge-happy show that I discovered last year on a day off from work. I watched the first season in a day, and when the second season uploaded to Netflix, I welcomed the Mutineer into the fandom. Of course, we both found that we ship “Jamitch” like whoa.

If you’re one of the few Zoo fans out there (or are there more than I suspect?), then read this because 1) JAMITCH and 2) Soulmate fic. Or hey, even if you don’t watch Zoo, I promise you that this soulmate trope delivers all the ooey gooey tropey goodness that I love, and you (probably) can follow along without having watched the show.

Sidenote: can I interest anyone in a rec list of only soulmate fics? No? Yes? Maybe?

Happy reading,