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***a spoiler free review***

Sense8 Review: “The Show Everyone Talks About But Have You Even Watched It Yet?”

This 2015, 12-episode Netflix original, created by the Wachowski siblings was released with little fanfare and with no recognizable actors (except one whom I won’t spoil), could have easily fallen into the cracks of non-network television. Instead, the diverse cast, setting and unique themes made it an instant cult classic with viewers looking for a show with representation across the social issues. Sense8 received an impromptu panel at SDCC 2015, only a month after the show’s release on Netflix, and filled one of the ballrooms at Comic-Con, even though the only people on the panel was 1 writer and no actors (or Wachowskis). With a new, 2-hour Christmas special released TODAY, Friday, Dec 23, I felt the need to check in, make sure you’ve watched it, and if you haven’t, encourage you to binge it, NOW.


It’s been a while since I sat down and binged Sense8, but I remember when I first watched it, only one other person I know had heard of it and even cared to discuss the show with me. Within a month or so of the June 5 release date, I attended my first San Diego Comic-Con, and decided to check out the panel, which, in the formal schedule, listed no attendees or topic, just the title. I expected a small room and a short line, but what 600 fans got that afternoon was a huge ballroom with a single writer, J. Michael Straczynski, discussing the impact he and the Wachowskis wanted the show to have. Now, a year later, it’s amazing to look back at that dedicated group of fans, who stood in the California sun for two hours, not to see the show’s stars or the famous Wachowski siblings, but to be with other people who had already become passionate about the story of eight strangers who shared a consciousness.

Set across the world–from Seoul to Iceland–Sense8 is the story of eight very different people forced to share a sort of hive-mind; a sense, if you will. There are 12 episodes in season 1, and much of the narrative sets up these people getting to know each other and understand the gift they share. The first few episodes seem incredibly slow, in that they focus on minute details that seem unimportant, yet become integral to the plot as the story moves forward–it’s called world building, folks, and the Wachowskis do it like no other (See: Matrix).


This show has a completely different feel to it that any other series you’ve watched because the lines between these eight people are wibbly-wobbly, and therefore the show feels off-kilter, yet fluid. Much like the way the eight’s lives begin to intersect and shift as they get to know each other, so does the show create such seamless shifts in narrative and perspective. I haven’t sat down to watch the 2 hour Christmas special yet, but I have been following the actors and show writers on Twitter for a year in anticipation. I have high expectations and, I’m definitely not trying to get through this review in order to watch it right this moment. Promise.

Should I binge it?

DUH! I’ve been saying this for a year.

Can I watch it with my kids?

NOOOOOO. There is a pretty explicit sex scene smack dab in the middle of the season, plus violence, blood, and some questionable content that makes the show great, but definitely not kid friendly.

Is everyone gay on this show? 

Sexuality is fluid. I thought we already covered this?


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