Holiday Movie Bingo

It’s the time of year when we here at the Collective bundle up, drink eggnog (spiked or not), and queue up Netflix’s worstbest holiday films. One particularly eggnogy evening, I decided that it would be so easy to turn the tried and true tropes of the Christmas season into a bingo card. The next day I was bored at work, and, well, here we are.

Through extensive research, the Collected Mutineer and I have discovered that the best films to use for the game are the worst ones you can find. The more tropes, the merrier. For instance, we both got bingo with A Christmas Kiss II. (I highly recommend Christmas Belle, The Mistle-Tones, and Desperately Seeking Santa). 

If you’d like to play along, no fear, you can play on your phone or your computer here. You can also print bingo cards and force your visiting family to play along with you!

Feel free to tag us on Twitter (@nerdwrldprblms) as you play, because, chances are, we’ll be playing until New Year’s.


Happy Holidays, dearies.

-The Collectress


  1. brunettepet

    What a great idea! It’s not like I need an excuse to watch terrible Christmas movies but for some reason my husband has a habit of asking me why I’m torturing myself. Now I have a reason and he will too!

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