Timeless S1xE9 Recap: “Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde”


“You ever get that feelin’ like you know what’s gonna happen next?”

– Bonnie Parker

Trust is a curious thing. How do you decide who you can really trust? What does it take to break that trust and once it has been broken, how do you determine what it should take to earn it back? How do you know if you’re being too lenient with someone and allowing them back in your good graces too soon? Maybe it’s better not to trust someone with potentially dangerous information regardless of how much you want to prove to them that they can trust you.


So the mothership’s landed on May 22, 1934. A raid on Flynn’s warehouse turned up a picture from the same year of a gold key on a chain. Add to that a note from the briefcase that Rufus made off with from Houston that references the name of a bank, the same date that Flynn’s currently running around in, and the words “Rittenhouse key,” and that’s enough for Agent Christopher to send our trio back to Arkansas to do some snooping.

While Rufus waits outside, Lucy and Wyatt go into the bank just as Bonnie and Clyde decide to rob the place. Lucy notices the key hanging around Bonnie’s neck. Rufus spots Flynn and what look to be cops outside the bank. When the infamous robbers run to the street, Lucy and Wyatt are behind them, then get caught in the crossfire as Flynn starts shooting at them. All four make a getaway to a farmhouse where they spend the evening getting to know each other.


We learn that Clyde gave the key to Bonnie as an engagement present after he stole it from none other than Henry Ford. Bonnie spots the engagement ring Lucy forgot to take off before the mission and asks about their engagement story. Quick-thinking Wyatt tells his own and kisses Lucy to prove that they are indeed “in love.” When Lucy gets an up-close look at the key, she notices it has an inscription in Latin that basically says it’s the key to the beginning and the end of all time. Good thing the good guys are about to get their hands on it.

Except they don’t. Rufus has been hauled off by the police only to discover that Flynn is posing as a bounty hunter and working with Frank Hamer, the special investigator who leads the posse that ultimately kills Bonnie and Clyde after their friend Henry rats them out. Henry shows up at the farmhouse just ahead of Rufus. When Rufus plays his recording of Henry talking to the cops, Clyde kills Henry. Wyatt pulls a gun and demands Bonnie’s necklace just as Flynn and the cops start shooting up the place. Hamer kills Clyde, Flynn grabs the Rittenhouse Key off Bonnie’s neck, Hamer then kills Bonnie in self-defense, and our group escapes to the lifeboat.


We begin with Lucy trying to get to know her mystery fiancé, Noah, over a not-home-cooked meal. Lucy’s still flinching whenever the guy touches her and Noah tells her that he’s not interested in a job interview. When Lucy confides in Wyatt, he tells her that she should let Noah go because Noah should get a chance to be with whomever he’s meant to be with.

Not too shocking, but we also learn that Agent Christopher has a home life, just as she utters the words “Rittenhouse,” which is a recipe for disaster if Flynn is to be believed. Our group talks about the merits of letting Christopher in on all the Rittenhouse info they have; Wyatt’s for it but Rufus is adamant that they not, most probably since he’s been a victim of Rittenhouse familial threats himself.

The agent’s a smart cookie, however, and she blocks Mason from seeing their new Rittenhouse intel. She has also tailed Mason to a meeting with Cahill and now has the guy’s picture. When our group returns from their failed mission, she confronts Rufus about Mason and Rittenhouse. Rufus warns her off, pleading with her to stop looking into Rittenhouse immediately.

…and Future.

Ultimately, Rufus agrees to tell Christopher everything he knows since she’s already put together that someone set Mason up with $2.5 million dollars to fund the time machine project. But the real concern is what Flynn’s going to do now that he has the key. We watch him use it to open a secret compartment on an antique clock that contains a wax-sealed parchment, the contents of which startles our bad boy Flynn. Now that can’t be good.

Time to Talk

I toyed with naming this recap, “Love Is in the Air.” First there’s Noah and Lucy going nowhere in a loveless engagement that clearly shouldn’t be. Next we have poor Wyatt who, although he still pines for his dead wife, kisses Lucy as part of the act they’re putting on for Bonnie and Clyde. He later apologizes as Lucy shrugs it off with an “I’m not sure how I feel about you but it’s not 100% platonic” look on her face that I will be tracking in all upcoming episodes. Of course there’s our murdering lovebirds – Bonnie and Clyde themselves – who are fine with their fate as long as they go out (i.e. die) together. Bonnie was apparently already engaged to another man when Clyde swept her off her feet, which is why Clyde didn’t give her a ring when he proposed. Lastly, we also catch a glimpse of Rufus and Jiya canoodling before the mission starts.

All in all, it was a great episode with some serious plot progression. I’m looking forward to Agent Christopher’s influence in all this Rittenhouse business and for the moment when she shows that picture on her phone to Lucy.

Next stop – America’s first national pariah. I hope they ask about the eggs.

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