Geek Chic: 5 Must Have Holiday Gifts for your Favorite Hockey Fan

This year, my Sin Bin Fantasy League decided to do a Secret Santa Gift Exchange, and so I’ve been trolling the interwebs for the hottest hockey gifts out there. Here are five that I came across that I think your favorite fan will really love. Click the links and happy holiday hockeying!

xoxo C. Diva

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A Hockey Pop Funko Doll $10-20

This is number one on my Christmas list this year, specifically, the Sidney Crosby Away Jersey Canadian Special Edition. These are new and sold all over the web, but Amazon and Ebay have most of the available players for a decent price.


An Official NHL Christmas Tree Ornament  $5-26

Whether your favorite fan want a tree covered in her team colors or just a accent piece, these official NHL ornaments are a great gift. There is a huge variety of types of ornaments, from classic to kitsch, depending on taste.


A Warm Fuzzy Team Hat $10-30

I’m partial to trapper style and ridiculously campy beanies with pom poms, myself. Still, there are subtle styles of toques that your favorite fan can wear at his next hockey game to show team pride.


Team Charity Calendar $15-25

A number of hockey teams produce a calendar that benefits their chosen charity. These are only sold for about a month at the end of the year, so make sure you grab one between November and January before they’re all sold out.


Hockey Game Tickets $20-????

Your favorite hockey fan may not live near her favorite team, but these guys travel, and pretty often, too. Find out who she likes the best (and maybe 2nd and 3rd best) and then find out who your nearest NHL team is. For me, the Anaheim Ducks (not my fave) play a bunch of teams I actually like, including the Dallas Stars in January 2017. Go to or for the best seats for the best prices.