Supernatural 12×07 Recap: “Rock Never Dies”

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The Road So Far

Last season saw the brothers in a battle with their biggest foe yet: the Darkness. Upon reuniting the Darkness with her brother, AKA God, the brothers were able to take a long relaxing vacation…oh wait, nope. The boys never catch a break. Castiel and Crowley are hunting the Devil, and Dean and Sam are reunited with their mother…who’s been dead for thirty-three years.

Oh and Lucifer is footloose and fancy-free.


The episode, written by Robert Berens (aka Bobo), lights up on two young men (late teens or early twenties) trying to summon the Devil, because that’s always the best way to have a party. The two have a supposed fossilized feather from Lucifer’s wing, and although Rowena sent the Devil to the bottom of the ocean, Satan is saved by the summoning of these two idiots. Almost immediately after he disposes of the two morons who summoned him, Lucifer realizes that being a rockstar isn’t so bad. He kinda enjoys the adorations of soccer moms across America.

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Lucy works on getting Vince’s band, Ladyheart, back together either because he is sad he missed the era of hair rock or because he has a nefarious plan for the fans of Vince Vincente.

Meanwhile, Dean and Sam are giving Mary her space, but still trying to forge a relationship with her. In one of the opening scenes, Dean is shown playing Words with Friends with his mother, and it’s the most adorable thing I’ve seen all season. This is cut short, however, by a phone call from Castiel. He tells the boys that Vince Vincente is making a comeback and is probably the Devil. Sounds like a case for the Winchesters.

As the boys take a long roadtrip to California (seriously, I’ve driven this, it’s a long, long drive), they argue about Vincente’s music in typical brotherly fashion. It’s refreshing to see the boys bickering about hair rock, but it also serves to show how jaded the Winchester have become since season 5. I mean, really? Arguing about hair rock when you’re on your way to fight the Devil? Priorities, boys.


Once in L.A., Crowley ascertains that Vince Vincente is, indeed, Lucifer. After searching Lucy’s hotel room, the boys discover a human tooth pulled out by the root, meaning that whatever repentance Lucifer showed during his chat with God last season is long gone. He toys with Vincente’s fans by making them do gruesome, horrible things to themselves, and he’s out for fresh blood. (If you haven’t watched this episode yet, trigger warning for blood play and self-harming). 

Team Free Will + Crowley discover that Lucifer’s murder spree will continue at an exclusive, secret, performance in L.A. with Vince’s band. They are unable to prevent the show from happening, so Crowley and Cas confront Lucifer while the Winchesters try to empty the crowd from the club. Even though Crowley can pack a punch, the demon and Castiel are seriously outgunned by the Morningstar. Luckily, their plan is to distract Lucifer and not kill him.

Out in the club, Sam attempts to empty the floor by pulling the fire alarm, which doesn’t work. Lucifer appears on stage–after killing the rest of Vincente’s band–ready to spill more blood. In the end, Dean fires a gun to get the room to empty, leaving TFW + Crowley trapped with Satan. I don’t think this is how they planned on spending their Friday night.

the CW
the CW

Lucifer reveals that he’s gone darkside again because his dear old Dad abandoned him, again. Unlike season 5, however, the poster child for abandonment issues has no plan, no scheme to destroy the world.

In my opinion, that makes Lucifer more dangerous than ever. 

The Big Picture


The midseason finale airs tomorrow, and it looks like I won’t get my wish for Vince Vincente to sing “Jessie’s Girl” on SPN. Round two of the Winchesters v. Satan promises to be just as traumatic as the first. Little to no mention has been made of Sam’s status as Lucy’s true vessel but I have no doubt that it will be brought back at some point tomorrow night.

By the by, whatever happened to the International Organization of Douchebaggery? We haven’t seen them in three or four episodes. Who wants to lay a bet that they’ll be the major conflict in the second half of the season?

Until next week, SPN Fam.