Updated: The Collective Christmas Project, or a way to make 2016 suck less

Ask anyone: 2016 has sucked.  (In fact, John Oliver dedicated the last segment of his last show in 2016 to showing us just how awful this year has been.)

It’s time for us to make it better. As the Collected Mutineer and I drove home from the SPN convention in San Francisco last weekend, we lamented over how sad our Mish-mish is over the state of the world, and we decided that we should do something to make 2016 end less suckily than it began, and to hopefully make our favorite television angel smile in the process.

The Collective crew is planning on doing acts of kindness to make the world a little brighter. And we’d like you to join us. So, for now until December 20, we challenge you to do as much good as you can. There are no rules. There are no limitations. There are no acts too big or small to make a difference.

We only ask that you share your acts of kindness with us so that we too may share them; we currently plan on creating a compiled video of kind acts to share with our favorite tv angel (whose name rhymes with Pisha Nollins) as a Christmas present for him. If you haven’t noticed, our angel has been a little sadder since the election, and he might need this reminder that there’s good out in the world too.

Send us images or video of your acts of kindness no later than December 20 if you’d like to be included in our project. You can e-mail us at: to.the.nerd@gmail.com or find us on Twitter.

Let’s remind the world that there is still so much goodness to be found in it.

Get kind this holiday season,

-The Collectress

Update: We did some good this year. 


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