Timeless S1xE7 Recap: “Stranded”



“If I don’t have someone I can count on, we’re not going to make it out of here.”

– Wyatt Logan

For some, the challenge isn’t the apology. Saying “I’m sorry” isn’t necessarily hard, particularly when it’s heartfelt. No, for some, the challenge is in the space after the apology; it’s getting back to where the relationship was before the mistake and proving with actions, not just words, how truly sorry you are. It’s about committing to be better this time and being someone who can be counted on again.  

Spoilers ahead…


Stress levels are high as our trio slogs through a pristine pre-American forest on their way back to the Lifeboat after killing the son of their French captor. They watch in horror as Flynn’s henchmen attach explosives to their only way home. The machine is damaged and the trio realizes that they’ve been lured to 1754 just to be stranded here.

Fortunately, Lucy and Wyatt have Rufus, the only person who can actually make a capacitor in the land before toilet paper. He will need to re-route power from the navigation system, which means they need to communicate with Mason Industries to find their way back to the present. Thankfully there’s a protocol for this – basically a non-biodegradable tube designed to be a time traveler’s message in a bottle.


The group sets off for Ft. Duquesne to get what Rufus needs, but is abducted yet again – this time by Indians. The English-speaking chieftess lets them go after Rufus convinces her that they are all friends just trying to get home. Wyatt dresses in a dead French soldier’s uniform and they finally arrive at the fort, where Lucy’s ability to speak the language comes in very handy. She saves Wyatt from a mercury enema (medicine has come a long way, has it not?) and Rufus figures out how to use a forge.

Back at the Lifeboat, Rufus makes the needed repairs and they escape under a hail of bullets. Fingers are crossed that the message got through, because they are flying blind as the machine disappears in front of the astonished French.


When the team doesn’t make it back to the present, Mason reminds Jiya about the protocol. He finally grows a pair, pushing back as Cahill (a.k.a. TOWG, a.k.a. Lucy’s dad) calls him to complain about the missing time machine, but only seems to care about Lucy’s status. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Agent Christopher catches the end of the conversation and wants a surveillance operation to figure out what Mason’s up to.

The last known location of the Lifeboat is now a suburban Pittsburg front lawn. Bad news though, the tube has broken and Rufus’ message is lost except for two cryptic words. Thankfully, Jiya makes a fantastic guess about what might have gone wrong, recalls a Star Wars versus Star Trek conversation she and Rufus shared, and is able to figure out what he was really trying to communicate. She grabs the time machine mid-flight and brings them safely home.

…and Future.

The group ponders their mission over beers and Chocodiles, where the conversation circles back to the journal. Lucy wonders aloud if she’s meant to be helping Flynn. How can she believe in fate, but not her own? Wyatt responds that history is the sum of individual choices, and tells Lucy that her history can be re-written by deciding to make a different choice.

Time to Talk

This episode gave us another healthy peek into the characters themselves. I was glad to see Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt back on speaking terms, and Jiya with more camera time. It was startling, however, to be ¾ of the way through this one and realize that I hadn’t seen Flynn’s handsome face (I’m sorry but that accent? Yum!). Plus, it was about time Mason got a spine and realized that he has some power in his relationship with Rittenhouse. I wonder if Jiya and Mason will figure out that they can nab Flynn now by grabbing the Mothership mid-flight just like they did the Lifeboat?

And although it’s always been in the backs of our minds, Stranded also gave us that near-death experience without a “mission” to get in the way. Basically, this team is putting their lives on the line repeatedly to protect America’s history, and it’s not just Flynn or indigenous peoples that threaten their ability to make it safely home; their time machine is literally their lifeboat.

Next stop – fly me to the moon…

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