Geek Chic: Diva’s Top 5 Hockey Halloween Costumes

Hockey players are mostly large, strong children, and, of course, they love to dress up for Halloween. There is even a #HockeyHolloween hashtag that the league uses to keep fans up to date with the hip Halloween fashion. Here are my top 5 hockey player costumes from 2016. Enjoy!

xoxo C. Diva

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1) Boston Bruins, Brad Marchand

Even though they call him a pest, I think Marchy is a sweet, misunderstood rat who visits kids in the hospital on his day off, don’t you agree?

2) Chicago Blackhawks, Jonathan Toews

His nickname is “Captain Serious”, but Tazer’s caption is actually pretty hilarious.

3) Washington Capitals, Alexander Ovechkin

Ovi and his new wife dressed up as a hot cop and inmate. No one tell him Geno and Anna did a variation of this same thing last year.

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 4) Nashville Predators, PK Subban

Probably my favorite costume of the year, PK as Prince sure does look good in purple.

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Favourite holiday of the year 🎃#purplerain

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5) Pittsburgh Penguins, Chris Kunitz

Kuny and his wife often do couple costumes, and confess that Halloween is their favorite holiday, probably because they know how to do it right.

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