Fanfic Wednesday: “Stress Reliever”


Stress Reliever” by TC (AO3)

Pairings: Tony Stark/Steve Rogers

Word Count: 2846

Author’s Summary

The first touch of the man’s hands on Tony’s bare flesh is like the day he brought Dum-E to life: it’s a leap forward, and it’s something he can never step back from. Pepper was so, so right; he needed this.

The masseur looking like a golden Adonis was just a bonus, really.

(Plot? What’s that?)

My Thoughts

Is it weird to rec a fic that was written as a gift for me? Good, cause I’m doing it anyway.

The Collectress and I often partake in what we like to call “Smut Not Flowers,” a quick writing exercise designed to help us get out of writer’s block. “Stress Reliever” is the result of one such writing session, and well, there is definitely smut. Who needs plot when you have Steve Rogers massaging Tony Stark with lavender scented oil? Not me, that’s for damn sure. Need a quick fix for your Stony obsession? Read this, and you’ll be satisfied.

P.S. I dare you not to think about this fic the next time you get a massage… 😉

-The Collected Mutineer