Spooky Aesthetics: Morticia and Wednesday Addams

Happy (almost) Halloween, Collectors! Today I’m going to share with you costumes inspired by two of my favorite onscreen gothy gals: Morticia and Wednesday Addams.


I’m a big fan of the classic show and the movies, and it was at Comikaze 2015 that I remarked to the Mutineer that we could be the Addamses. I know y’all don’t know the Mutineer in real life, but trust me, she and Christina Ricci could be sisters.

Of course, we forgot the plan until about a month ago when we were planning work-appropriate costumes to wear on October 31 (yuck it’s a Monday). Then it became a matter of putting together what we call “closet cosplays”, or, cosplays that you compile out of stuff you already have in your closet. We may not match the films’ costumes exactly, but I think we came pretty damn close.

And then, because reasons, we took pictures in a graveyard. Like, you know, the Addamses would. 

How To Get The Look: Wednesday

Photo by M
Photo by M
  1. The dress–Any knee-length black dress will work, especially if paired with a white collared shirt underneath. Think gothic school girl, and you’re on the right track. (Such as this dress available on Amazon)
  2. The tights and shoes–The Mutineer wore a pair of solid black tights and some black flats. Normally, she’d wear a pair of Mary Janes to complement the look, but she didn’t want her heels to get stuck in graveyard dirt while we took photos.
  3. Hair–luckily, the Mutineer’s hair is a similar color to Wednesday’s, so for her was a center part and two braids. For those of us who are born with lighter hair, a dark brown/black wig will be needed, such as this one from Arda wigs.
  4. Makeup–This is a very simple makeup look: Use pale foundation (a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, or white face paint if you like), a purply eyeshadow underneath the eyes for a nice and haunted look, and a dark lipstick. The Mutineer is also wearing some fake lashes to really make her eyes pop.
  5. A Somber Yet Apathetic Attitude–For Wednesday, attitude is everything. Be bored by the world and yet hate everything in it, and you’ll be on the right track.

How To Get The Look: Morticia

Photo by M
Photo by M
  1. The Dress–For Morticia, I pretty much put together a bunch of costume pieces that the Mutineer and I already had. Her outfits are fairly ornate, so don’t be discouraged if you have to buy more than one thing. For a good start though, a simple long black dress will suffice. If it has lace, so much the better, such as this maxi dress from Forever 21. For myself, I had a sleeveless maxi dress that I then paired with a lace bolero and corset to get Morticia’s silhouette. (Corset not completely necessary but it does give you nice curves)
  2. The Gloves–The gloves are ones I use for my Evil Queen outfit, but if you watch The Addams Family as much as I do, you’ll notice that Tish wears these quite often. You can get them on Amazon for less than $5!
  3. The Wig–This wig, which actually belongs to the Mutineer, is the Iris in black from Epic Cosplay. If you’re not willing to devote this much money to a wig, however, you could do a center part/straight hair look if you have dark hair, or find a less expensive one on Amazon or your local Halloween shop.
  4. The Makeup–Let’s face it, the makeup is the reigning part of this queen’s outfit. I read this helpful tutorial on Morticia’s makeup look, but when it came time for the full face, I turned on The Addams Family and painted my face while I stared at Anjelica Huston. I used the Mac Foundation in White (you could also use white face paint, which is less expensive), Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in “The Red” shade, and a combination of white, silver, grey, and black eyeshadows (I relied heavily on Lancome’s Color Design “All that Shimmers” to get her ethereal glow). Of course, all these makeups I happened to have laying around due to my unhealthy obsession love of cosplay, and you could easily pick up similar colors at your local pharmacy. Oh, and lashes. Don’t forget the lashes (the more dramatic the better).
  5. The Attitude–Be sultry, sophisticated, and more than a little bit mysterious.

Be creepy. Be kooky. Be mysterious & spooky.

Photo by M
Photo by M

The most important part of any costume/cosplay: have fun. And a little bit goth.

All together ooky,

-The Collectress