Fanfic Wednesday: “Makes the heart beat wake all night”


Makes the heart beat wake all night” by Sharksdontsleep (AO3)

Pairings: Johnny Cade/Dallas Winston
Fandom(s): The Outsiders
Word Count: 2038

Author’s Summary & Notes


Johnny is the night cashier in a noodle bar. Dally rides in a cyber-rodeo. Cyberpunk AU.

Canon-typical swearing and violence.

Title from Allen Ginsberg. The age difference between them is probably two-three years, though I aged them up from the books.

My Thoughts


Disclaimer: I’ve never read The Outsiders. But I like cyberpunk, I like cowboys, and I like well-written slash. Thank goodness that there’s transformative works that can give me all those things.

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Happy reading,

-The Collectress