Lucifer Recap S2E3: “Sin-Eater”



Spoilers ahead…

Well, after last weeks ending we know Charlotte (aka Mum) is given a reprieve from hell…for now. This week we are back to a more procedural episode, but with the spice of Lucifer’s contribution of course.

The episode begins with an apology made from a man tied to a post, asking for forgiveness before being burnt at the stake.

Lucifer has an awkward encounter when his mother walks in on one of his more enjoyable punishments. They have a brief discussion on human convention before she admits she just wants to see her son’s (yes plural). Lucifer isn’t so sure Amenadiel would be as accommodating as he’s been, revealing he was the one to ferry her to hell. She is fed up of him ignoring her in favour of his work with the police, but he brushes her off saying it’s what he’s always done, punishing people is in his blood, he’s just changed locale.

Back with Chloe and at the scene of the aforementioned burning man. It’s revealed they have mobile footage of the murder, seems the killer filmed it on their phone and uploaded it for all to see on a video sharing site ‘Wobble’. Ella reveals the accelerant was most concentrated at the victim’s crotch, cue an exchange of puns! Lucifer is annoyed that the murder is clearly punishment, his own line of work.

They identify the victim, finding that he himself was an employee at said video sharing site. He had emails from his former supervisor who was distressed as he shared photos of them dating (against company policy). It is then she reveals the victim was a douche to all the interns, he shared a video of lighting one’s crotch on fire… exactly how he suffered. The intern is brought in and questioned, but understandably he has little sympathy about how the guy was murdered. With some coercion the intern admits he killed him.

Much to Lucifer’s horror he finds his mother in the precinct (surrounded by male cops fawning over her). Chloe assumes she’s here defending someone and reveals Charlotte used to be a cop herself. Naturally Lucifer drags her aside and demands to know what she’s doing there, to which she says she just wanted to see where he worked. He brings up how Charlotte has her own human life and swanning around is likely to get her noticed (by her husband or Amenadiel)!

Dan comes over with another punishment video, the body is found strapped up on a rack with apples stuffed down their throat. Ella reveals he was choked on all the apples stuffed inside him. They find the victim’s phone inside his top with the video he’s being punished for all queued up and ready to go, a sex tape. Turns out his partner was a teacher and she was fired when the video came to light, she killed herself not long after.

In Lux Maze and Dr Linda are sharing a drink and talking about Maze’s advancements, but then upon sighting Lucifer’s mother it becomes clear to Linda that she’s just hanging around to protect her former master. She advises talking to him instead of going to headbutt his mother! Maze is inspired to go and tell Amenadiel of her whereabouts.

Dan and Chloe have a little chat about spending less time together, because Chloe doesn’t want to make nice for Trixie because it would be lying to her.

Back at Lux Lucifer drags his mother off a podium where she is dancing, he cuts her inappropriate chatter off before he’s eternally scarred and asks her what she thinks she’s doing.
She says she just wants to learn all about her son’s new life on earth and why he’s still punishing on earth despite being free from his role. He says it’s just what he’s always done.

At Wobble Chloe tries to figure out how it works, the supervisor shows her content moderators room but Lucifer is already there. He says he wants to know why the ‘punisher’ feels the need to do what they do.

Amenadiel, meanwhile, isn’t doing too well, he’s drowning his sorrows when Maze finds him, still unable to properly control his powers. There is an amusing scene where he’s frantically trying to vaccuum up all his molted feathers before she burst in the door. Maze wrongly assumes he’s just hiding his rebound. To get rid of her he blindly agrees to check out Lucifers new woman.
Cue a visit to his apartment where he briefly comes on to his mother before realising her identity. Instead of being angry like Lucifer expected he embraces her. It seems he has lost the blind faith in his father.

Chloe realises the killer is a wobble employee, their deductions lead to the supervisor, who has made a hasty exit. However upon closer look at the parking lot footage she is being held at gunpoint. They realise she is the next victim on the Sin-Eater’s list! They track her to the server room for wobble, where the killer plans to have Lila kill herself and admit her crimes all while taking down the website where the filth is allowed a platform.

The killer turns out to be the intern Raymond, he makes Lila confess and then soaks her in accelerant. Chloe has a plan but it requires Lucifer to do what he does best and talk. He realises the killer intern is punishing people not because he has to, but because he found he enjoys it, seeming to have an epiphany about his own reasons in the meantime. Chloe finds the switch for the extinguishers just in time and they save the day.

Dan and Chloe finally have the talk they’ve both been avoiding, Chloe wants to go on the trip. But Dan realises the truth and tells her that it’s time to get divorced.

Back at home Lucifer finds Amenadiel and their mother have made peace. Then he finally brings his mother the punishment she deserves, sentencing her to live out her days as Charlotte Richards among the humans she so despises. On her way ‘home’ she encounters a robber who asks for her money, but in the struggle she manages to accidentally push him into the wall and kill him. She is shocked at the return of her super strength, but then a smile emerges and she walks off into the night.

Things we learnt this episode:

– Amenadiel thinks that his father is punishing him.

– Mother dearest seems to have regained her goddess status.

– Dan and Chloe finally come to terms with the end of their relationship.

– Lucifer comes to terms with his desire to punish.

Lucifer is scheduled to air Mondays on Fox (9/8c).

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