Lucifer Recap S2E2: “Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress On Fire”


Spoilers ahead…


The big question after last episode is… what will mummy Morningstar do now she’s found Lucifer? Well, we begin with what she’s done before finding Lucifer.

Her current vessel wasn’t her initial one… first she manifests into the body of a cardiac arrest victim. Sadly though in the confusion she wanders into the road and is hit by a bus. We then see her arrive at the scene of a gangland shooting, popping up briefly before being shot in the head again. Last but not least, she finds the body of an attractive woman in a hotel room, dazed, she dumps her phone in the ice bucket when she can’t make it shut up, stumbles to the mirror and pulls a screwdriver from the back of her neck. Luckily in this form she manages to find her way to Lux and into Lucifer’s grasp.

Lucifer doesn’t want to believe her story, he insists they retrace her steps to prove it, beginning with the hotel room. She points out the phone in the ice bucket, but as they reach the bedroom it becomes clear she missed one major detail… opposite where she awoke there was another dead body sporting a hole matching her screwdriver.

Back in the precinct, Chloe is engaged in cracking a suspect…her daughter. It seems little Trixie has been up to her own misdeeds, spoiling her doll because she wants a new one. Dan finds it quite funny, then Lucifer walks in and tries to convince Chloe giving her the doll is a great idea, but she’s not having any of it. Later on, when a doll turns up in a delivery, Chloe is furious, she tries to explain to Lucifer that good parenting isn’t always making your child happy *cue parallel*.

It turns out the meatsuit mother dearest is walking around in is a lawyer named Charlotte Richards, a lawyer conveniently involved with a drug investigation. Loved by all her colleagues (a little too much in one case!) she seems to be the perfect businesswoman. She was part of an inside set up to bring down a cartel and the other dead body was a low level courier for the ring. Naturally they think they were caught out and killed, but since Charlotte is missing they believe she’s being held by the leader. Obviously she is with Lucifer, but he’s not about to admit that!

He’s left Maze (seemingly intent on sticking around despite needing space) with his mother as her babysitter. Maze, realizing she now has a body to torture, has other ideas. We watch on as Charlotte/Lucifer’s mother discovers TV and its many wonders; she watches an ad for ‘Cheesy Noodles’ and sees the mother making her children happy, if only her problems were so easily solved…

Lucifer arrives back at Lux only to find that his mother is loose on the world again. While Maze attempted to torture her, she tricked her and made her escape, cunning indeed to get one over on the most kick-ass demon in hell! Then the search is on since Charlotte is clearly wanted dead by somebody and this time they might succeed.

Charlotte/Mummy dearest are doing some light shopping, if you consider a cart full to the brim with cheese light anyway! As she charged it to her company credit card, her would-be killer manages to track her down. Turns out the murderer is her colleague who was passed over for promotion and he wants to take it out on his more successful female coworker (wah wah, take a seat!!) They briefly tussle in the parking lot before Lucifer swoops in and comes to the rescue, closely followed by one unamused detective Decker. Lucifer uses his quick thinking to slash his mother’s arm since they know she was injured and tells her to act like they don’t know each other (more truth than a lie really.)

Later on at Lux a worn out Lucifer is presented with a not so successful attempt at Cheesy Noodles. She is clearly trying to make amends rather than punish him, but something still feels off. On the balcony, she reveals that she was the one responsible for his banishment to hell, saying she did it to save his life since his father wanted to kill him instead. Lucifer shares some of his own insights about his mother’s imprisonment: Dad was angry at her constant floods and plagues of destruction. They come to an easy truce and Lucifer seems genuinely touched with her apology, but whether he fully trusts her intentions we have yet to find out. As he walks back inside his apartment his mother looks up to the sky and drops her act, the malice with which she looks up at ‘God’ could chill you to the bone. She definitely wants revenge, but is it just on her former partner… or is Lucifer in for a dose too.

Amenadiel meanwhile is trying to find a way to fix himself, while pouring through books in his office he is confronted by Dr Linda. She is still feeling betrayed by his ruse to bring in Lucifer as she saw him as a real friend. Later on he apologises to her in her office and tries to repair their relationship, after all he’s pretty friendless. Afterwards we see him looking into a mirror and manifesting his wings, if you can call them that anymore, they are bedraggled and mangled into obscurity. Was he hoping mending his ways might mend him physically; maybe. But whatever the cause of his problems he’s got a long way to go yet!

Things we learnt this episode:

– It seems like Amenadiel needs to repair his angelic status by righting his wrongs.

– Mummy Morningstar is an incredibly adept manipulator; was she really sorry or is she just faking?

– Regardless she is ready to get her own revenge back on God for his crimes against her and I have a feeling she doesn’t care what it costs.

– As an aside, our new tech Ella has been one of the only female side characters not to fall for Lucifer’s charms, seeming to see him as a brother rather than a romance. Is this going to mean something later on? Only time will tell.

Lucifer is scheduled to air Mondays on Fox (9/8c).

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