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***a spoiler-free review***

Narcos Season 2: Cocaine is Still A Hell Of A Drug

Season 2 of Netflix’s hit show “Narcos” starts off right where season 1 ended, continuing the frenetic pace and WTF-ness of life in Colombia during the Pablo Escobar years. If you enjoyed the first season, you’re going to like the second season, too. The acting and production values are as good as ever, and there’s still lots of meat on the bones of the story.

The main difference between the seasons is the theme of the story. In season 1, the theme largely focused on Escobar and how he ascended to heights of the cocaine trade, and all the horrible things he did to get there. In season 2, the theme shifts to the lengths law enforcement will go in order to catch Escobar and the ramifications that follow. Make no mistake, though: Pablo himself is still a force to be reckoned with, and he has some brutal tricks up his sleeves yet. As Pablo escalates, those trying to bring him to justice escalate, as well, and we see just how heavily their decisions weigh on them. Where do you draw the line when you’re dealing with a man who has no lines himself? The goal is to take out Escobar, but at what cost?


While the second season is still excellent, the pacing does drag a little in the last few episodes. The show may have benefitted from an 8-episode season instead of a 10-episode one. While 10 episodes did let the show explore more characters and give them room to breathe, it was very clear where Pablo’s story was heading, and his storyline dragged quite a bit the last episodes. There’s only so much time you can spend with a frumpy, down-on-his-luck Escobar before you just want the story to move along already.

Where the show really shines this season is expanding the cast of characters and giving them more of the story. This is particularly true of how we see the increasing influence of the rival Cali cartel. Not only does their story intertwine with Pablo’s in interesting and brutal ways, but their rise and inevitable fall will surely be the focus of the announced Season 3 of the show. There’s a reason the show is called “Narcos” and not “Escobar,” after all.

Bingeworthiness: 9/10

“Narcos” is still an excellent show, and it’s a great way to spend a few evenings as you blow through the episodes. While not quite as outwardly captivating as season 1, the personal inner conflicts that play out in season 2 are fascinating and often brutal themselves. You’re still going to want to know what happens to your favorite characters.

Will I Need My Reading Glasses?

Yes, you sure will. Dialogue is often in Spanish with English subtitles, which is still the right decision by the production team. Bad for multitasking, but excellent for the show.

Is Pedro Pascal Still The Best Part of the Show?

Duh. He absolutely makes the most of an expanded role in the second season. No word on whether he will be returning for the third season, but if Netflix knows what’s good for them, he will be. Hear that, Netflix?!

Will I Want to Learn How To Swear In Spanish?

100% yes. Dr. Google can help with that!

Seasons 3 and 4 have been announced, but there are no official release dates to go with them as of yet. The first two seasons released in August/September, so unless otherwise notified, that’s a pretty good bet for the upcoming seasons, as well.

Happy watching!

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