Lucifer Recap S2E1: “Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer”



Spoilers ahead…

If you thought the devil had daddy issues (well you’d be right), but they pale in comparison to his issues with dear old Mother. The first episode of Season 2 takes place a few days later than we left off with Season 1. Amenadiel and Lucifer are at the scene of a robbery where they suspect that the criminal is in fact their mother in disguise. They are very wrong of course, but through this scene we find out that his mother would need a vessel to possess, someone who recently died, thus the brothers are working their way through a list of possible suspects. When they discover the man isn’t their mother, Amenadiel reveals this was the last person on Lucifer’s list and maybe she isn’t even in LA, our devil isn’t convinced however.

Time for a visit to Dr Linda to air his frustrations… Then he begins to open up and discuss his mother for the first time, talking about how she met ‘dad’ and then came to be banished.

“Once upon a time, a boy met a girl. They fell in love. They had sex. The only trouble was they were celestial beings so that moment created the universe.’’

“The Big Bang?”

“Never knew how appropriate the name was until now, did you?’’

Although the Lucifer we are seeing is cracking the same jokes, he’s clearly incredibly worried about his mother’s whereabouts, he just isn’t feeling his usual carefree self.

Chloe then calls Lucifer in on the murder of a young stand-in actress found with two metal ‘horns’ protruding from her head, naturally he sees this as a message from mummy dearest.
Chloe is still stuck on how Lucifer appeared to come back to life during their standoff with Malcolm and is planning to run some of Lucifer’s blood through testing to find out for sure who or what he is.

As they reach the body our new forensic tech character Ella Lopez lets us know she was strangled then the horns were added post mortem. Just then Lucifer announces the arrival of ‘Detective Douche’ onto the scene. Yep, our favourite ex is back, Dan explains to Chloe the force just wanted to sweep the whole thing under the rug and so he’s been reinstated. In a lower job role mind you, but back in the saddle nonetheless.

While they cosy up, Lucifer spends some time chatting to the new girl Ella. She’s very peppy and a great foil for Chloe’s character, she wraps Lucifer in a hug straight away and they briefly discuss what a bad rep the devil gets. Then the big star rocks up to the scene and witnesses the murder of her stand in, she doesn’t seem too broken up and although Chloe suspects her she can’t interview her until later.

Instead the go and check out the victims humble abode, she’d been renting from a crew member for a while and was squeaky clean… apparently. That is until Chloe uncovers a bag of money hidden under the couch cushions. Apparently the lead actress has a drug problem and was a bad influence, even overdosing a few days ago, barely even able to be resuscitated. You can practically see the lightbulb going on above Lucifer’s head as he makes the connection that it might be his escapee parent. On the way out he reveals this hypothesis to an unbelieving Chloe.

Back at Lux, Amenadiel is drowning his sorrows over Mazes abandonment. Lucifer reassures him she’ll be back, describing her as ‘like a bad penny… in tight leather pants.’ He then blames him for scaring her off, unimpressed when Amenadiel suggests he should share the blame. There is a suggestion she may have helped their mother escape, but Lucifer quickly puts it to rest. Then he almost gives his brother a heart attack when he reveals Chloe plans to run his blood through the system, after all humans cannot handle the divine. He resolves to deal with it if Lucifer gets their mum under control.

Back at the department Dan reveals the actresses had a fight a few days ago, and so she heads over to speak to Amy. Lucifer beats her to it, she gets the wrong idea and it results in a hilarious scene where she mounts him while he believes he’s her mother. Luckily (sort of) Chloe walks in and rescues him from her advances. Turns out Gillian was her sober companion and they argued over Amy getting hold of more drugs. She hands them over and gives the number of her dealer over.
Amenadiel experiences some problems with his mojo when he goes to steal Lucifer’s blood sample. He freezes his surroundings but they return to normal before he manages to snag it.
Back at Dr Linda she tries to encourage Lucifer to accept some of the blame, but he thinks she’s talking about herself! Meanwhile Amenadiel uses a display to throw Chloe off the scent, shooting himself, but revealing a kevlar vest and bloodpack, claiming this was what happened that night with Malcolm. She seems to be convinced, barely.

Ironically enough the dealer is tracked to an AA meeting, so they sit in and try to draw them out. Lucifer eventually using his particular brand of crazy to cause a scene. But in the meantime he reveals his lowest point, when his mother abandoned him… so he abandoned her in return. It works and the dealer comes out. He vomits when confronted with the crime scene photos and convinces Chloe her prior dealer was to blame.

Maze returns in time to be a hero and save Lucifer from Amy’s jealous boyfriend as he attempts to stab him in Lux. She reveals she’s been with a friend and trying to figure out where she fits into the world. Later when we see her with Dr Linda, it becomes clear who her ‘friend’ is. She refutes Lucifer’s accusation that she was something to do with mummy Morningstars escape. Before he leaves the boy to Maze, he reveals the details of the past drug dealer ‘Bobbi B’.

Bobbi turns out to be the lovely crew member who was our victims landlord, a mother figure and this sets Lucifer off, he slinks out to find her himself. Amenadiel finds out Maze is back, but she pushes him away leaving him more broken than before, can his loss of power be linked to her?

Chloe is in a crisis over Lucifer and asks Ella if she truly believes in God. To which she answers, without doubt what is the point in believing? During the conversation though she figures out the metal rods from the murder were from a garden, like the pink flamingos in the victim’s lawn. Lucifer beats her there though and confronts the killer, unfortunately she gets the drop on him and hits him with a poker. Chloe then begins to ring the doorbell, thus explaining Lucifer’s loss of power. Luckily before she finishes the job she gets tasered by Chloe.

She then reveals to Lucifer, she doesn’t believe either option right now, but she does know that he makes her a better detective and always has her back. While we are having heart to hearts Lucifer goes to Dr Linda and reveals he’s terrified of what his mother is here for, and he finally admits he is to blame.

We end of Lucifer singing a version of All Along The Watchtower in his apartment while all our characters are in turmoil. But then the elevator doors open on a bedraggled woman who stumbles out saying help me. His mother has turned up after all…

Things we learnt this episode:
– Lucifer is in turmoil over how he treated his mother in hell.
– Chloe believes in Lucifer and for the moment she’s happy with that.
– Amenadiel is having serious power troubles.
– Tom Ellis is still wooing us with his singing this series!

Lucifer is scheduled to air Mondays on Fox (9/8c).

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