“Dad went on a hunting trip…”

“…and he hasn’t been home in a few days.”

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Happy Supernatural Day! That’s right, 11 years ago today, the pilot of Supernatural premiered on the WB, and promptly took over the lives of thousands. Once, it wasn’t certain if the show would survive the WB’s transition to the CW, or even make it past the planned 5 season arc. Now, it’s the longest running genre show on American television, and has long secured its place in the hearts of fans everywhere.

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Here are a few ways you can celebrate this awesome anniversary, and the upcoming start of season 12 (which premieres on October 13, 2016).

Have a Supernatural marathon

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I’m sure that everyone on the planet knows this, but just in case you’ve been gone on a hunting trip…Supernatural is on Netflix! That’s right, you can watch literally any episode at the push of a button. So cuddle up with your Dean body pillow and select your favorite episode. Okay, maybe your favorite 5-10 episodes.

Eat a pie

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Cause pie.

Treat yourself to swag

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Whether you get your merch from Hot Topic or Creation Stands, now’s a good time to get your SPN on. Treat yourself to that t-shirt (or shoes) you’ve been eyeing. Or commit to donating a Represent shirt to someone who can’t afford their own the next time the boys do a campaign!

Read fanfic

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You know you want to.

Support fan artists

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Some of the best places to get SPN-inspired products are online or at conventions—and I don’t mean official merchandise. There are so many amazing fan artists who create artwork, jewelry, and clothing centered around our favorite boys, and they deserve every bit of our support.

I hope you enjoy Supernatural day! Let us know how you’re celebrating by commenting or sharing with us on Twitter.

I’ll just wait here then.

The Collected Mutineer


  1. Suvi

    Can’t afford ordering anything…..so fanfic and rewatching s10 dvds for me ☺

    Hurray for SPN and for your awesomeness dear Collective ❤❤❤.


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