Killjoys 2×04: “Schooled”

edit by the Collected Mutineer
edit by the Collected Mutineer
edit by the Collected Mutineer

*Spoilers ahead*

Dutch and D’av are sparring in this week’s episode, “Schooled”, and it’s always hot to see the two of them rolling around on the floor together. Their session is interrupted by a transmission from Turin with a lead on yet another one of Khlyen’s last transmissions from Red 17; this one to a school for gifted youth in Quadrant Four. Turin arranges access via a warrant for a kid in Old Town to escort him to the school.

D’av and Dutch stop off to chat with Pree and ask for directions. Pree calls over Sabine, who used to be a miner and knows the family of the boy they’re looking for. D’av likes what he sees and hits on her but she is all business. Pree’s face when D’av was trying his luck is priceless.


Meanwhile, Johnny finds Pawter on some dusty, outback planet engaged in an arm wrestling match?? Using her knowledge as a Doctor, she is able to win her freedom from her captors, but they aren’t exactly ready to play fair, so Johnny starts a bar fight for cover and they make a break for it. When they are safe, Pawter tells Johnny all about the plans for the Company’s plans to build walls around every town in Westerly. Pawter wants to get the information to the right people, but without a concrete plan, Johnny offers her a bunk on Lucy while she figures out her next step.

D’avin and Dutch track down their warrant, Jake, but his father is reluctant to let him go. Only after roughing up and disarming Jake’s dad are they able to “apprehend” Jake so that they can escort him to Prodigy. Jake’s older brother Olin is already there. It seems pretty strange that Jake’s father would be so set against his son getting an opportunity such as the one Prodigy handed to him–a chance away from Old Town, where he doesn’t have much of a future.

The gang hooks back up to make the trip to Prodigy. When they arrive, however, they are surprised at the lack of welcoming committee. In fact, there is a glaring lack of anyone; no teachers or students, so the crew splits up to investigate. Johnny and Dutch run into an old frenemy, Delle Seyah. She is there for reasons of her own and so far, she isn’t sharing.

Delle explains that the students are missing from their cryopods. Pawter inspects the cryopods that the children were “sleeping” in and realizes that they were actually neurofeeding them their lessons while in cryogenic stasis, but only the biochemical traces remain and something went horribly wrong. While in stasis, the children are supposed to be watched over by one Malta Chambers, who is at first missing, until she is spotted skulking down the corridors. Delle sends a guard off after her, but he meets a shocking end. Malta appears on a large monitor and issues an ultimatum: Bring Delle Seyah to Level 9 of the compound for a tete-a-tete or she spills the beans on the illegal practices of neurofeeding going down at the school.

Dutch and Johnny haul Delle up to Level 9 but Malta decides to send holographic decoys of herself as bait instead. Lucy is hacked by Prodigy’s systems and the kids in D’av’s care are being led astray by announcements in frequencies only they can hear. Something major is about to go down! Luckily, Pawter keeps a level head amidst all this confusion and runs genetic tests on the biochemical matter they found in the cryopods: turns out Malta is dead too, but one kid isn’t. Olin…Jake’s brother.

Olin is the mastermind behind this takeover and he uses his newly learned hacking skills to take control of Lucy and fly her away from the school with his brother and turn off the life support systems for the school to prevent the killjoys from taking them back.

D’avin and Pawter get the kids they were escorting into the cryopods to protect them from the failing life support systems; it seems a malfunction caused by a surge made the pods self destruct and killed the students and Chambers. Funnily enough, this mysterious surge coincided with Khlyen’s transmission from Red 17, and whatever was on that transmission got imprinted on Olin’s brain and overloaded it considerably.

Dutch and Delle make their way toward the control room to reset the life support systems and in true Delle Seyah fashion she plays games as they trudge up the stairs while fighting for breath, but the lack of oxygen must have been getting to her because she let slip that the Prodigy school program was meant to be a satellite seed program for Qareshi knowledge. It’s unclear what the implications could be for that big of a secret, but they’re pretty damned far reaching. The two women make it to the control room but Dutch is carrying Delle at this point. Seemingly with her last breath, Delle lunges at Dutch and kisses her, the music swells, my heart explodes, and no, it’s so that Dutch can expel that lungful of DNA-laden air over the reset for the controls and unlock the mainframe, restoring the life support systems to Prodigy.


Back in Lucy, Johnny and Jake try to talk some sense into Olin as he threatens to blow them all to bits. Johnny calls him out on leaving Jake behind by coming to Prodigy and basically being a shitty older brother, something he personally knows a lot about. He is able to talk Olin down and reveals that he still has a chance to redeem himself to Jake because Jake never has to know what happened to Olin, since it was a hologram decoy in there with them the whole time.

With Lucy back in good hands, the crew takes Olin and Jake to a Scarback Monastery on Leith and leaves them in the capable hands of Alvis where Olin can get the help he needs and Avis can also make some sense of that Red 17 transmission.

Meanwhile, Fancy Lee makes his move and takes out everyone aboard the ship carrying Khlyen, just as Khlyen wakes up in his cryopod and the two of them set a course for Telen, the Jacobis’ home world.

Quick Takeaways: This episode let each of our heroes shine nicely and revealed some hard truths, as well. There is a lot unresolved between the Jacobis brothers. It was interesting to hear D’av speak of Johnny while holed up with Pawter compared to how Johnny spoke of his brother when confronting Olin. I hope they can meet in the middle eventually. Dutch and Delle dancing around each other is my kind of sexual tension. I want to know more about her reveal and the implications down the road. That last scene was very ominous as well. Nothing says doom like a dude surrounded by bodies setting a course for your hero’s home planet. I’ve seen this movie, it doesn’t end well.

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