Fanfic Wednesday: “I Do, What the Good Girls Don’t”


I Do, What the Good Girls Don’t by leafchron (AO3)

Pairings:  Jillian Holtzmann/Abby Yates
Word Count: 3200

Author’s Summary

Abby never tells her to shut the music down, or even to lower the volume, and most of all Abby never tries to stop her from dancing.


Holtzmann watches, and studies, and loves.


My Thoughts

Immediately after I watched the Ghostbusters (2016) film, I began looking for fics with this particular pairing, of which, there are not many. The chemistry between these two characters is sweet and intense. This fic is a short character study of Holtzmann, who, in turn, observes something in Abby that she can’t quite keep to herself. One of my favorite tropes is friends who grow into something more, and I think these two have so much potential. Just imagine all the canon back story…Come on writers, get on it!

She was not a Jill; she tumbled after no guy. She burnt paths where there was none to be found.

Yeah. It’s gooooood.

xoxo C. Diva

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