Conquering Hall H at SDCC 2016 With CollectiveSmash

Summer ’16 has come and gone and with it, San Diego Comic Con. Even though the task is daunting, the Collective Bloggers love to make the most out of an event, which, means, in this case, conquering Hall H with Keysmash Blog.


So many amazing shows and films take over Hall H over the course of the convention, but participating in events in this particular venue takes true commitment. For me, the best part of SDCC is meeting up with new and old friends to squee over your faves. Hall H is the perfect place to make that happen, and trust me, CollectiveSmash definitely knows how to have a good time.

Historically, fans who want front row seats get in line up to 24 hours before their faves are set to appear on the Hall H stage. That means, if you want to attend a Hall H event, you’ve got to give up much of the day (and night) before an event to standing in line. This year for me, that meant meeting up with the Keysmash girls on Saturday around 6pm and sticking around til almost 1am, when my relief showed up, and then returning around 6am. That’s about 12 hours (minus 4 for sleeping) of Hall H line chillen with the homies.

misha hall h 2016As rough as it sounds, the Hall H line is always have a good time–making jokes (rigatoni!), meeting people (line-buddy Erin), taking pics and, eventually, seeing Misha Collins walk through the line with coffee and granola bars during his annual Hall H morning run makes it all worthwhile. While I didn’t sleep in the grass this year, the Spaniard and I met up with our peeps who did around 6am with breakfast and copious amounts of coffee, ready to collect the fruits of our labour–aka–to see J2M2 up on that Hall H stage.

hall h selfieWhen we finally got into Hall H, CollectiveSmash went right up front to the press bullpen to take pics of our faves as they walked onto the stage. The Spaniard and I took this chance to get a some great close-ups as well as a pretty awesome selfie with thousands of fans behind us.

When the boys (and some of the ladies) finally took the stage, they didn’t spill much about the upcoming S12, but we did get to see the S11 gag reel and witness Jensen’s unicorn laugh, so I call it a win. While the cast and crew were very tight lipped about anything that had to do with future episodes of the show, the audience didn’t seem to mind. If you’ve ever been to a Supernatural convention or seen any of the convention panels online, you know the cast has amazing chemistry and with them, it’s always a good time. Hall H is no exception, which made the hours in line, the lack of sleep, and a grumpy baby Diva (my roll dawg at SDCC) very much worth it.

If you’ve got an inkling to conquer the Hall H line at SDCC next year, I’d like to encourage you to follow your dreams, but only if you’re willing to commit to all that comes with the Hall H experience. It’s more fun with friends, so if you’re traveling with some, get them to come with. If you’re on your own, don’t be shy–talk to people around you, share a snack and a joke together, bond in the trenches. It’ll be worth it in the end, when your faves come sauntering out onto that stage, to share in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


xoxo C. Diva

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