The Walking Dead Season 7 Sneek Peak: What’s that on Dwight’s back?


So if you missed my freaking out for the season 7 TWD trailer during SDCC last month,  let’s just sum up with I lost my sh*t.

Recovery mode: nowhere near complete.

Now AMC has released a teaser for the next season, which is smart timing since Fear the Walking Dead is midseason and fans are still dying over the season 6 finale cliffhanger. Fans aren’t likely to be any less anxious about the fate of their favs after watching this clip, however:

While a certain not-so-hidden Easter egg might indicate the demise of my personal favorite, Daryl Dixon, I’m still counting on AMC for two things. 1) They rarely make twists that obvious in teaser footage and 2) Negan’s victim in the graphic novels is someone else (well, Daryl isn’t in the graphic novels but that’s another matter entirely).

So why is Dwight wearing something that looks an awful lot like Daryl’s vest?

I guess we’ll find out on October 23. Prepare your feels.

-The Collectress