Killjoys 2×03: “Shaft”

edit by the Collected Mutineer
edit by the Collected Mutineer

This week’s episode begins with Dutch down some sort of cave or mine shaft, cut off from the rest of the crew.  Dutch is not alone though, Khlyen is there.  She tells him she won’t let him take her and be turned into a Level 6, but he says it’s already been done.  He is feeling stabby, so to prove it he guts Dutch, outflows a bunch of green goo and wait, that Dutch is level 6?!  Cue the opening credits and my shocked face. *Spoilers ahead*


We jump to 12 hours earlier where Dutch, D’Av and Johnny are meeting with Turin to discuss one of those unsanctioned warrants mentioned in last week’s episode.  Another team of Killjoys were on a Level 2 salvage mission and went missing.  Strange thing is, they sent out a distress signal but Khlyen intercepted it and didn’t send them any help.  Turin wants our guys to find the other crew and see if they’re still kickin’.

They locate the missing team’s ship easy enough, but it’s abandoned and covered in moss…in the middle of The Badlands…weird.


Johnny checks in with Pawter via that comm link he so steamily gave her.  She’s understandably freaked out, but she reassures Johnny,  that she’s determined to do some good while she’s trapped in Old Town.  She’s rummaging around in Jelco’s office, hitting security block after security block while trying to download the video footage of Jelco shooting Hills, but she manages to smuggle something out of his office before sneaking back out.


Lucy finally locates the people they are looking for and gives the coordinates to Johnny and D’Av.  On their way to find the, D’Av complains to Dutch about Alvis hanging around the ship.  Their conversation is cut short by gunfire heading their way, a common occurrence apparently.

The source turns out to be Tania, one of the Killjoys they are looking for! Job well done, everyone can go home right?  Wrong.  Dutch explains that they’ve all been betrayed by the RAC and she and the boys are there to rescue them.  Tania asks for their help in recovering her sister Deena from the mine.


Tania explains their original purpose for being there; a warrant to retrieve a monk from the mine, but they didn’t know more than that.  A black rain came and drove the Killjoys into the mine and Tania’s husband went crazy and starting trying to kill Tania and Deena.  D’Av is annoyed that Alvis has accompanied them on this mission, but Dutch explains that he was a miner before he became a monk so he is a valuable asset.

Pawter is super sneaky; the item she stole from Jelco’s office was a holographic phone.  She calls her father to ask him to convince her mother to send help, but her advises her to stay in Spring Hill with Jelco because it’s too dangerous elsewhere.  Jelco interrupts the conversation and is rather amused that she managed to steal the holo-phone from him.  He tries to woo her with fresh flowers and propositions but its not working.  So instead he reminds her that he put an ankle bracelet on her that will explode if she tries to leave Spring Hill.  Charming indeed.


Pawter, determined to test the limits of her bracelet, heads for the exit.  As she nears the door, an ominous beeping sound begins, which only gets faster the closer she gets.  Jelco, the snake, has followed her and explains that’s the early warning system for her boundary with the ankle monitor. Jelco shows her that he has a heart defect, by literally opening up his chest and showing her the device that maintains his heart.  How very Tony Stark of him!


Jelco is actually trying to flirt here, which is just creepy, but still not the worst thing about him, so I’m not that surprised.  Pawter refuses to help him at first, but he promises to help her out if she keeps him alive so it looks like she’s going to have to make a deal with the devil.

Back at the mines, the team heads down to find Paolo.  They have these nifty google glass things that let each member see what the others are seeing and find each other too, if they get separated.  Teamwork makes the dream work!  Etched into the walls at seemingly random intervals are symbols that Alvis explains are markings made by the monk.  Still, no one can explain why the RAC was down there looking for the monk in the first place.  Tania drops a little nugget that Paolo is still down there and armed, which Dutch is overjoyed to learn.  They decide to split up to cover more ground, carefully since areas of the mine are a little unstable.  D’Av uncovers a pit to nowhere, which he calls a ‘Hellmouth’.  Nice “Buffy” shoutout!

Suddenly Tania spots Paolo and runs off after him, ignoring the shouts from the others.  He tells her the other Killjoys can’t be trusted, that they’re trying to kill her.  She shoots at him, but by the time the others catch up to her, he’s gone.  Dutch orders Johnny to return to Lucy with Tania, as she has become a liability and they need Paolo alive.


On the way back to Lucy, Tania thinks she spots Paolo again and starts shooting erratically, causing a cave in that cuts Johnny off from the others.  This lady is starting to test my nerves!  Dutch goes back to the others to continue the search for Paolo and Johnny is forced to stay put behind his rock wall, but we see that this moss may not be just moss as some of it starts to move!


Back at Spring Hill, Pawter performs open heart surgery on Jelco with an armed guard present.  Naturally, Jelco tries to flirt with her while she has her hands wrist deep in his chest.  This guy is just the worst.  I hope he dies soon.  Suddenly, Pawter nicks an artery and blood starts spurting everywhere!  Maybe there is a God!  She calls the guard over to help her put pressure on the bleeding, but when he does, in a deft move she stabs him in the neck with a syringe.  He grabs her and starts choking her and it’s a tense moment before the toxin finally takes effect, but he passes out and she is left standing over their prone bodies in triumph.

Back in the mines, the team finds an old temple full of bones and weird symbols carved in the ground.  Alvis recognizes them from the scriptures.  The symbol looks just like the one we saw on the floor in Arkyn.


Dutch sees Tania and runs after her, but before she can catch up, Tania finds Paolo and he knocks her into a pit.  By the time Dutch catches up to her, Tania has been swarmed by those moss-covered creepy crawling things.  Alvis and D’av get there just in time to witness the last of her be consumed.


Dutch gets on the horn and fills Johnny in and orders him to try to make sense of what they’ve just seen.  He grabs the nearest hunk of moss and realizes it’s not just moss, it’s a moss-covered centipede with lots and lots of teeth and a whole hell of a lot of psychotropic venom.  That explains how Tania kept seeing Paolo, but no one else did.  In fact, the other skeletons they found at the bottom of the pit were probably Deena and Paolo all along!

Back in Spring Hill, Pawter tries to get in touch with Johnny, but reaches Lucy instead.  Lucy plays back the message that Johnny left for Pawter, and Pawter looks touched.  Lucy comments on response she detects, but Pawter doesn’t take the bait.  Using Jelco’s blood, she is able to access his files and download the vid of Hill’s death.  She also spies a file for the plans for the wall around Old Town.  But it’s not just that; there are plans for walls around all sorts of cities in the Quad.  Very shady!

Johnny does some “field tests” on the “moss-apedes” and realizing they’re unkillable, D’av develops the theory that Khlyen has been making the level six green goo from them.  D’av also reveals that the level sixes and Scarbacks and Khlyen go back a ways, which was revealed to him in one of his visions on Arkyn, and that that’s why he’s been so salty towards Alvis this whole time.

Speaking of Alvis, he has drifted away from Dutch and discovered the skeleton of the monk that brought everyone there in the first place.  Dutch, thinking she’s spotted Khlyen, takes off after him, leaving D’av to give chase hot on her tail, but Dutch falls into a pit before he can catch her.

Finally it seems we are caught up to where the episode started.  Looks like Dutch is hallucinating this confrontation with Khlyen though, revealing that her worst fear is being turned into a level six.  At one point she is even arguing with herself!


Johnny is the one to find her, alone, cutting herself in a hallucinatory state.  He can’t get through to her, but Alvis can.  The mossapedes are closing in on them, but for some reason then don’t like D’av.  He is able to turn them away!  Must have something to do with why his body rejected the conversion to level six.

Once everyone is safely back on Lucy, Dutch gets treated for a mossapede bite and Johnny reveals… a new pet? Science experiment? With Johnny it’s easily both!


Pawter is too good a doctor to kill Jelco (damn) but she is still smarter than him; while he was out cold, she used his DNA to unlock the bracelet around her ankle and placed it around his heart, which he gets to find out as she sashays out the door right in front of his helpless ass.


Her triumphant moment is cut short, however, as once she is outside, someone clubs her over the head as she is calling Johnny for a ride.  Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

After a bit of R&R, Alvis pays Dutch a visit aboard Lucy.  They talk about about being able to forgive themselves for past crimes, something they can definitely relate about, and he shows her what he found in the mine with the dead monk.  It’s a strip of leather, scratch that, a strip of the monk’s skin (EW), upon which was carved a portion of a message.  Some of that same message is scarred on Alvis’ back as well: “12 monks went to Arkyn to find the devil.”  This new piece completes the message with: “One came back.”  Alvis asks to be dropped off on Leith so he can look for answers at a Monastery there.  The moment is right, he’s on her bed all shirtless and fine, so Dutch leans in for a kiss, but Lucy is a bit of a cockblock and interrupts them.


Turns out some pretty important messages were sent from Arkyn before Red 17 was cleansed and Turin hid that information from Dutch.  That’s definitely not going to fly with our girl.  Sure, they’re going to team up with him to find out what’s going on in the RAC, but they’re going to do it her way.

Quick takeaways: I loved how this episode seemed to start out as a standalone and tied into the mytharc for the season really nicely.  I liked the little bit of tension between D’avin and Alvis, but it wasn’t a heavy focus so it didn’t feel stale or overused, plus it made more sense in the end with D’avin’s visions vs being a jealousy trope fulfillment.  I loved Pawter’s resourcefulness at getting herself out of Jelco’s house arrest!  I hope she gets herself out of this next pickle too.  Course it would be nice if she could stop getting herself into trouble all together… My heart broke for Dutch during her hallucinations.  That girl has some demons, y’all.  Thanks for your patience these last few weeks! Between SDCC and GISHWHES it’s been a rough few weeks.  I hope to get caught up with the rest of the recaps for you all soon!

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